5 Great Benefits of Using fleet maintenance software


Every organization that uses commercial vehicles to operate their business can greatly benefit from the use of a fleet maintenance software system. Because of all of the associated duties, responsibilities, and legal compliance issues, there is a wide range of essential advantages that everyone can benefit from. With that said, here are some of the top benefits that you should review for your organization’s needs.

  1. Automates Long Costly Manual Processes

If you think your fleet of vehicles is too small for the use of a fleet maintenance software system, you should think twice. Since these software solutions are created for both small and large organizations, they can be scaled down or up to accommodate a diversity of needs. Typically, one of the most important concerns is using a tool that will assist you in maximizing the use of fuel in the fleet.

This is especially the case for drivers who need to know exactly which routes are best to conserve on gas consumption. With the use of this automated versus manual solution, the information contained in fleet maintenance software can help in determining the best fuel management solution that needs to be used in a particular area.

  1. Keeps Track of Vehicle Maintenance – Fleet Tracking Software Reduces Downtime

Whenever an organization makes an investment in one of the best fleet tracking software systems, they can also take advantage of a number of different essential features. In fact, in virtually every organization, these systems can help in managing the type of vehicle maintenance that needs to be performed.

From alerting the fleet manager and their staff of when to change the oil in a vehicle to establishing specific dates for the inspection, every part of vehicle maintenance can be tracked for each vehicle in use.

  1. Health and Safety Features Help to Meet Compliance Laws, Rules and Guidelines

Software for fleet maintenance is also available for extraordinary situations like vehicle accidents. Because of the robust and sometimes complex procedures that have to be followed at these times, these fleet tracking software products can be very beneficial and effective for fleet managers and their required duties. For instance, any claims that must be filed or repairs that must be performed can be recorded and tracked to completion. Also, all records can remain on file for proof and retrieval whenever it is needed via some of the top vehicle maintenance software products.

  1. Helps in Tracking Compliance Requirements

Unlike personal vehicles, commercial vehicles are subject to meeting a wide range of compliance requirements. Keeping up with these issues manually can be very costly and time-consuming. By incorporating vehicle maintenance software in this part of the process, the organization can always remain compliant with the regs that exist at the time. For instance, here are some of the compliance requirements that fleet managers are responsible for maintaining.

  • Daily vehicle checks
  • Driver checks
  • Defects
  • Inspection sheets,
  • Various types of reporting
  • Insurance
  • MOTs

All of which are requirements that must be met and kept for audit purposes, particularly in the event of an investigation or a vehicle accident.

  1. Easy Centralized tools for Managing and Reporting

In addition to assisting with critical fleet management data, the features in these software products are ideal for making a fleet manager’s job easier.  Developers of this software are also designing these programs with dashboards that are easy to read and manage by fleet managers and their assistants.

Reports can also be extracted for virtually any purpose, including complying with any insurance claims, audits, and the like. By using these one-stop-shop data features, all information is easy to access and retrieve at any time.