5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Rental Car


Car leasing companies in Singapore would indeed let you drive a car. However, you don’t have the liberty car owners with their own vehicles have. You are bound by a few restrictions when you rent a car. Stepping beyond the restrictions will subject you to extra fees and legal charges if necessary.

Here are the things you should never do with your rental car:

1. Not returning the car.

Usually, car leasing companies charge late car returns. The charges depend on the agreed rates; it could be hourly charges or daily.

You may face legal charges if you don’t return the car deliberately without informing your car leasing company.

When you are not going to make it to your due date, inform your car leasing company in Singapore.

2. Damaging the car and trying to hide it

When you rent a car in Singapore, you must know that any damages to the vehicle under your care will be charged to you. It does not matter if the automobile was deliberately damaged or not, but you should never hide the damage using your DIY tricks.

3. Driving your car off-road.

People love the thrill of off-road driving. It feels nice to drive your car on the battered road.

However, bumpy roads can damage your automobile. Or worse, stuck the vehicle into the mud. You can do these things if you lease an off-road car in Singapore. But driving off-road is prohibited for a regular sedan or hatchback.

4. Letting other people drive your rental car.

Whoever the signee on the rent a car contract in Singapore must drive the car. Never let anyone, especially strangers, use or borrow the car without you as a passenger.

5. Driving outside the country.

Never drive a rental car when crossing the borders to Malaysia, especially if the contract states so.

Be easy on your car; otherwise, you’ll face fees and legal charges.

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