Benefits of ELF Lubricants


ELF lubricants have a long history of serviceability and deliverance. Elf is the primary brand in Total for automotive lubricants, highlighting it as an efficient engine oil manufacturer across the globe. With the brand association of Total, it is highly recognized and purely admired by vehicle manufacturers and riders due to its optimum performance and regularized sustainable behaviour.

Moving ahead of history and talking about the benefits of ELF lubricants includes a vast product catalogue, making it worthwhile, addressing fuel economy concerns, and assisting in extreme load situations. These concerns and guarantees have placed it on a spot where ELF lubricants are recommended for high-speed variants and high-performance engines as well as, engines with turbochargers and intercoolers.


This famous trait and efficient performance guarantee make these products suitable for performance freak engines or rides, like in racing scenarios or extreme weather and load conditions. Therefore, ELF lubricants are considered more suitable for off-road experiences and cruising through rocky areas.
Another benefit of ELF lubricants is the detergent-dispersant properties making them a guarantor of protection and sustainability of your engine while going through different conditions and fulfilling the extreme requirements. This dispersant technology possesses the ability to clean out sludge and plaque from the engine and root out any friction causing scenario to slide disturbingly. One more benefit is their prolonged service and non-degrading guarantee. These guarantees are well tested and verified through the refined product catalogue able to tackle needed technology and characteristics.

ELF Lubricants guarantee your safe ride through hot areas with air-conditioned turned on. Their engine oils behave like a pro while keeping your engine cool and efficiently saving you on fuel consumption throughout your journey. This will make your car a reliable partner of your journey. Their updated additive mechanism is so perfectly chosen to make their products efficient and task-oriented regarding specific uses and requirements of engines.

Vehicle-oriented and journey-oriented product

ELF Lubricants also offers vehicle-oriented and journey-oriented product, based upon use in gasoline and light diesel engines, like that are manufactured by Renault Logan, Logan 2, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Duster, Fluence, Megane 2, Megane 3, as well as the recently appeared Kaptur SUV. These products are also approved by these auto manufacturers. These are designed by keeping into consideration both the winter and summer conditions. One more thing, the oil replacement intervals depend on the operating conditions. Like that of heavier modes, it is recommended to reduce the replacement interval by half, to 7500 km, while for lighter modes and engines, it is recommended to reach up to 7500 km.

These benefits and implications make their products stand able and trustworthy among their customers and auto manufacturers. However, the best way is to thoroughly assess what are the requirements of your engine and then opt for specific engine oil.