Check out Different Tires before Ordering New Ones


Every car needs different types of tires, which is why you should know about it in detail. From SUVs to minivans and more, whatever vehicle you have, you need to know about the different tires available and which one suits which automobile before you order new ones. Therefore, when in Hayden Lake new tires’ shops’ department, know about your car and the tire type it needs before getting a new set.

Tires for sedans, minivans, and CUVs

Tires designed for these types of vehicles are engineered for delivering a quiet and smooth ride as well as durable and reliable. Tires ideal for above mentioned automobile types are:

  • Performance tires

These tires have lateral and vast circumferential grooves, which is ideal for wet weather. Moreover, for ultimate grip, these tires have enriched silica tread components irrespective of weather.

  • All-season tires

All-season tires are designed for delivering excellent handling and comfort on highway and also are reliable for traction control throughout every season. Tread pattern is symmetrical along with circumferential grooves.

  • Touring tires

These are also known as grand touring tire set which are engineered for providing all-season reliable traction and comfortable ride along with responsive handling. These tires have more speed rating if compared with touring all-season tires. Tread pattern is generally asymmetrical.

  • For competition and track purpose

Competition and track tires can be considered to be similar to performance street tires as these deliver apex performance. However, these are not used for daily driving and engineered for offering constant contact with road in a dry condition. Their construction makes them different from summer tires. These have high-tech materials used for body and sidewall might consist of aramid or kevlar.

  • Summer tires

These tire types are idea for providing ideal performance in dry as well as wet condition; however, these are not engineered for all season traction. Optimization is done for delivering firm grip, responsive handling and more for warm weather condition. These tires feature circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning, robust contact patches, no or little siping, etc. These are ultimate option for people driving in a warm climate.

SUV and truck

Tires for truck and SUV are divided depending on their usage, which is why before getting new tires near Hayden Lake, briefly know about them. The kind required for these Goodyear truck tires temple tx are:

  • All and mud terrain

These come with aggressive treads than trail or highway tires. With more voids and large treads, these provide ideal performance for driving off-road. Similar to all terrain, mud terrain tires too offer large tread patterns along with more voids. However, these are ideally used for better traction in places like sand, deep mud, etc.

  • Highway

These are designed for handling heavy loads that most trucks and SUV carries on a daily basis. However, these deliver comfort and consist of durable compounds that helps with having even tear.

Apart from these two, there are others present which include Ribbed tires, Trail, etc. So, consult an expert before you plan to buy new tires. Know about which is ideally suited for your vehicle and only then order those for best possible performance.