Diagnosing Brake Issues The Right Way


Due to the constant rigorous use, your car requires regular servicing. Several parts even need replacement. So one must be aware of a few basic things about your car which can help you in the long run and also save you from being over-charged.

The most difficult job is of the brake system of the car and because the brakes are the most used parts in the car, one needs to keep a check on the system, since it is most likely to wear out. So before we see how to troubleshoot basic brake problems, we must know that modern cars come with antilock braking systems and brake-based stability control. So these sophisticated systems can sometimes make the troubleshooting difficult.

  1. A soft brake pedal

A soft brake pedal or the spongy feeling as you hit the brakes is a definite sign of a problem. If the brake pedals require constant pumping to work properly, it indicates that there is a low pressure in the braking system and the spongy feeling could be because of a leak in the brake lines. The soft pedal can also be a result of improperly bled brakes where air bubbles in the brake lines hinder your hydraulic pressure. This can be diagnosed by simply bleeding the brakes or even replacing the brake lines

  1. Metallic sounds

If your brakes are making a screeching or metallic sound when you use them, it indicates that the brake pads have worn out and require replacement or the brake pads have damaged your rotors. Replacing the brake pads here is the best thing to diagnose this problem since it doesn’t cost much as compared to the replacement of the rotors which is quite costly. With cross drilled brake parts, you are sure to get the best deal in this regard.

  1. Brake pedals vibrating

If the brakes vibrate as you use them, this could mean a problem with the brake discs. You should then jack up the car and see for signs of wear and tear. If there aren’t any signs, this could indicate a potentially bigger problem. You must take the car to a mechanic as the brake discs may have warped.


With the massive number of vehicles running on the road today, there is a great need for the owners to keep a check on their cars so that even minimal accidents can be avoided.