Facts to Know about the MOT Test


An MOT or Motor Ordinance Test is required by law and will have to be done on all vehicles over three years old. You need to have a valid MOT certificate to show that your vehicle is legally roadworthy. You also need to have a certificate to tax your vehicle. Before you get an MOT, there are some important facts that you have to know.

There Is a Fixed Cost

The MOT is a legal requirement and this means that the price of the test is set by the government. The price is set each year and you need to check this because it is illegal for you to be charged more than the set amount. It is legal for service providers to offer discounted pricing.

Many service providers will offer a free retest within set time frames if your vehicle initially fails the test. However, if the repairs required exceed the time, you will have to pay for the MOT again.

It Is Not the Same as a Service

The MOT test is not the same as a vehicle service and you need to remember this. You should not assume that your vehicle passing this test means that all the mechanics are in working order. The MOT is the most basic safety test that can be performed.

The internal workings of your vehicle are not checked during this test. When your vehicle is serviced, there are important checks on the systems and parts like the brakes, engine and transmission. Your car will need to be serviced regularly and according to the specifications of the manufacturer.  You can book servicing and car body repairs in Wokingham. Weekly maintenance checks are also required on the tyres, oil and water levels.

Minor Faults Can Fail

There are small problems that are commonly overlooked when you drive your car. These problems will occur over time. While these problems seem minor, they can cause you to fail your MOT. An example of this is when the front door handle is broken either inside or outside. This is an instant fail and another cause for failure will be when your washer fluid does not spray effectively.

Advisory Notices

An advisory notice will highlight a problem that does not cause an MOT fail, but will need attention. Generally, cars that pass their MOT will have a list of advisory notices included and they should not be ignored. It is worth having these problems addressed as soon as possible because they will become a larger issue if they are not taken care of. If you leave the problem, your car is likely to fail the next year.

You Have to Use an Approved Test Centre

Not all garages are legally allowed to perform MOT tests. The garage needs to be DVSA approved to legally declare your car roadworthy. There is a digital database exists and this will be updated with your vehicle details once it has passed the test. Only approved testing centres will have access to the database. It is important to note that the certificate you get is not enough to prove roadworthiness.

Has the MOT Expired?

If your MOT has expired and you have not yet booked a new one, you should not drive your vehicle. If you are caught without an MOT, you will be prosecuted. The only time this will not happen is when you are driving your vehicle to the MOT centre. You will need to have a pre-booked test to avoid prosecution.