How to choose your wheelchair accessible vehicle


As a wheelchair individual, it’s paramount to have a vehicle that you can safely and easily get in and leave. If you have strong upper-body strength, as well as can transfer conveniently, a sports car or sedan may be a choice. However, if you utilize a large power chair that won’t suit the rear of a vehicle or are unable to lift your chair right into the vehicle, a minivan might be a better choice. For caretakers who want a smaller movement automobile, an SUV is a perfect choice.

  • Cars as well as Coupes

A coupe or sedan will require you to transfer from your wheelchair to the safety seat, which can place a great deal of stress on your arms and shoulders, or those of your caregiver. When you think about a long-term service, needing to transfer and pack a mobility device for a variety of years might not be useful. Basic automobiles may have mechanized lifts or systems connected to lift chairs, yet these are normally just for packing a wheelchair into the vehicle, as well as do not assist with your transfer. Contrasted to a wheelchair accessible SUV or minivan, vehicles have restricted space for movement or passengers.

  • SUVs

SUVs resemble vehicles in that they are smaller sized than a minivan; however, compared to a vehicle, have more space and seating flexibility. Wheelchair available SUVs are a wonderful option for caregivers that want a mobility car but do not require the extra room of a van. Attributes like removable passenger seating, in-floor ramp, as well as an unblocked entry as well as leave will make the trips easier as well as comfier for the driver as well as guests. Because an SUV is huge enough to fit both hand-operated as well as power chairs, moving is unneeded and the room is generous.

  • Minivan

A wheelchair-accessible minivan is the most useful choice when you have a heavy or huge power chair. Transformed minivans feature ramp systems as well as automated moving doors that make going into with easy. Ramps, whether powered or handbook, make getting in as well as out of the minivan quicker as well as more convenient for both mobility device user and caretaker. A few wheelchair-accessible minivans provide adaptable seating choices like dive removal seats for passengers, as well as compatible seats for mobility device users.