How to find good and right tires for your car


Choosing good and right tires for a novice car owner can be a real test, in the absence of appropriate skills and information. When deciding which tires to buy, most drivers prefer to rely on the advice of their acquaintances, friends, and, in rare cases, sellers in stores.

Speaking about the advice of friends, you can immediately question their competence. Sellers can also offer products that require urgent sale or promise them additional cash bonuses. The choice of tires should be based on a detailed understanding of their own needs, as well as on the ability of tires to meet them. You should know that one of the best tires on market are Hercules tire st205 75r15, it’s most successful model of Hercules brand.

How to choose good tires for this summer

Summer tires are characterized by greater maneuverability, a high speed index and a more rigid composition of the rubber mixture. Special driving properties of tires are determined by the tread pattern, profile height and softness.

Do you think how to choose the right and good summertime tires so that you do not regret buying them? Focus on the drawing. The most universal type is considered to be a symmetrical non-directional protector. Tires with this pattern can be used on all axles, and they can be easily moved from one wheel to another. The disadvantages of the symmetrical non-directional tires are the averaged dynamic performance. The rubber is suitable for compact cars.

The directional pattern is designed for operation at high speeds. Tires with this pattern have increased resistance to aquaplaning. They easily cut through puddles and behave confidently on a wet road. One of the disadvantages is a higher noise level than on other tires, and the inability to freely change the tires in places. The rubber is installed strictly in one direction.

Asymmetric tread pattern is the solution to all dynamic tire problems. These tires have best traction properties on dry roads and on wet surfaces. This type of rubber is more maneuverable and has a better rate of stability among other tires. The disadvantages of this rubber include the need to install in a strictly defined direction and position. Tires have an internal and external side, and sometimes the installation direction.

In addition to the drawing, you should pay attention to the tread depth. It is the depth of the slats that determines the ability of the rubber to resist a strong flow of water. The European safety standard sets a maximum tread depth of 1.6 mm. most foreign tires have a special wear indicator, which allows you to determine the time of tire replacement.

How to choose the appropriate tire size

The wheel size it is the first characteristic to pay attention to. Manufacturers specify acceptable tire sizes based on the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics. In Japanese cars, the appropriate sizes are indicated on the driver’s door frame. For other vehicles, this information can be found in the service book or on specialized websites.

Manufacturers always specify several sizes of tires for a single car. This is due to the fact that in wintertime it is recommended to use a much smaller width of rubber. The choice of summer tires should be based on the driver’s priorities. A higher profile increases comfort. Low profile tires have improved handling and stability at speed.

In any case, when deciding which tires to take, you have to be guided by the acceptable sizes from best manufacturer. This way the car owner ensures maximum safety for himself and passengers and preserves the driving characteristics of the car.