How To Make Your Window Tint Last?


Window tinting is one of the best ways to take care of your respective car. Window tints protect your loved ones from ultraviolet (UV) rays and solar glares that can be dangerous to health. Thus, despite the cost, car owners invest in window tinting Camarillo CA installation firm or window tinting in Benton, IL, to name a few examples of window tint installation businesses, to get their cars a new window film.

However, drivers should know how to safeguard their respective car’s window tints. Either premium or ordinary window films need attention to increase their life expectancy.

Cleaning your car’s window tint with the proper cleaning tools and appropriate washing materials is one of the best approaches to ensure its longevity. Always remember to wipe and scrub your windows with a soft microfiber cloth. Don’t ever use abrasive equipment such as brushes to keep dirt away from your car’s windows, as doing so may damage the tints.

Besides, never wash your window tints with ammonia-based cleaning substances because they can inflict unwanted discolorations and air bubbles on their surface. Instead, buy the proper cleaning materials in the market. As a tip, if you have a limited budget, soak your window films with water and non-grease cutting soaps such as liquid soap or baby shampoo.

On the other hand, look for bubble formation after window tint installation as they usually occur and last for as long as two weeks. If bubbles stay longer than the given period, owners should consider re-installation as it’s a sign of poor tint installation.

Car drivers should also be patient. Don’t try to wash your car’s newly-tinted windows, as it takes time for the tint to dry within the window surface, considering the climate. Window tints need at least seven days to one month to cure. Doing the opposite only causes bubbles to arise.

Lastly, don’t just park your car anywhere. Direct sunlight exposure can degrade the new window tint quicker than expected. It is good to place your vehicle in shady areas.

View this infographic by Kepler for more information.

How To Make Your Window Tint Last? [Infographics]