How To Properly Clean The Inside Of Your Car



As many people might know, finding the time to clean the inside of your car is not always the easiest thing to do, and this can lead to some very messy car interiors. This should be something that you should start investing energy in, though, as cleaning the inside of your car is a great way to not only make the interior look a lot nicer, it can actually go a long way to help with the maintenance and improve the overall value of your vehicle. Plus, with the right approach it can be a lot quicker and cheaper than you might think, so with this in mind we take a look at a few simple ways you can tackle your car interior clean up.

Getting started with cleaning your interior

If you’ve had a mechanic in Penrith express concern over the state of your car’s interior, there’s usually a very good reason for this – a clean and tidy interior can help extend the life of all of the interior elements of your car, whether they be made up of leather, vinyl, plastic, metal, or anything else. Having a clean interior also affords the excellent advantage of potentially preventing you from having a car accident, especially if you need to grab something quickly and it’s buried out of sight! To get started with you car cleanout, you should get your hands on a vacuum cleaner, car interior cleaning products and any needed wiping and polishing cloths and/or rags. After you have your materials, the first step to a cleaner car involves taking out every single little thing that is not needed to drive your car – this will obviously mean all the rubbish that has accumulated, but you should also remove toys, car seats and any other bits that you have left in there for some time. With all the unnecessary stuff out, you can apply a soft microfibre cloth dipped in soapy water to the driver’s part of the car cabin (which includes things like the dashboard, doors, floors and the centre console).

The next steps to a cleaner car

After everything has been cleaned with soap, now you can start the vacuuming. Make sure to vacuum the carpet first, using any accessories that make the job easier to get into all the nooks and crannies, and then give your floor mats a good shaking outside the car (as you should have already removed them) and then give them a hose down to get rid of any stubborn grime. If you have leather seats, now is the time to get a clean rag and apply leather cleaner to all of the leather bits in your car. Afterwards, it’s always a good idea to apply leather conditioner to the dry leather to ensure that it stays supple for a long time to come. The last step is to clean the windows on the inside and the outside of your car with a window cleaner. Then start scrubbing, paying special attention to any stubborn stains that might be on the window. To ensure that you don’t leave any unpleasant looking streaks on your windows, it is always recommended that polishing is done with a slow and firm circular motion.

Enjoy your clean car!

After your big clean, it’s never a bad idea to air the car out so that any chemical smells from cleaning slowly disappear, and then you might even want to bring a pleasant smelling air freshener into your vehicle to make sure it smells as good as it looks.