How will be New 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV? Rumors and Expected Specs


The new 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV is the best choice for the first-generation battery vehicle from the brand. It does receive a few minor updates and appears to be a good choice if you are looking to upgrade your EUV vehicle.

The vehicle belongs to the category of a small electric SUV with a 200-horsepower electric motor and 65 kWh dual W lithium-ion battery pack. It may be noticed that the vehicle features may change when the vehicle is actually launched. Therefore, to know specifically about such upcoming Chevy models, you can visit Burley Chevrolet dealer.

The design

There is not much information is available about the new 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV as of now. We would, however, expect the vehicle to retain most of the design features as on the current model. The bulbous front and slanted headlights are expected to continue as in the case of the current model.

In terms of the seating arrangement, you will find the vehicle to involve a 2-3 seating configuration. We expect the vehicle to be including front bucket seats (providing seating for two), along with a bench seat in the second row (seating three).

What are the features expected on 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV?

There are not many details available as of now from the manufacturer about the features on the upcoming 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV vehicle. According to the sources the cabin of the upcoming vehicle is expected to be stylish and nicely trimmed. You will get flat-bottom steering wheel and a push-button gear selector as the standard on all models. The vehicle will also get a more cargo space. You will find enough room for the luggage, groceries, and other freight.

Is the 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV really being discontinued?

We do not have any update as such from the General Motors on whether the Chevrolet Bolt EUV is being discontinued or not. One rumor has it that the vehicle is being discontinued in favour of the Equinox EV. There are also rumors that a new and smaller electric vehicle that may be slightly below the Equinox EV in their lineup. If this vehicle is launched, it will not be before 2025 though.

However, if that is not an option and the Chevrolet Bolt EUV is not coming up in 2024, the best option that you would wish to check out is the Equinox EV in 2024. It is quite comparable to the Bolt EUV and should offer almost similar features.  If you are looking to focus on the Bolt EUV itself, choosing the Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 model may be the best choice to opt for.


The 2024 Chevrolet Bolt EUV if comes there will be minor changes when compared the 2023 model, if it makes a comeback.  Either of them would be an exciting option and should offer you a very decent experience in many ways.  If in doubt, you can get in touch with Burley Chevy dealer for the more concise information. Your dealer should guide you in making a better choice.