Know your tyre requirements for a comfortable and safe journey


No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, tyre care and maintenance are essential for your safety. The only link between the road and the vehicle, the tyre is certainly a critical part of a vehicle. In fact, the safety in steering, braking, acceleration, and cornering of the vehicle depends on the area of it that in contact with the road. So, choosing the right type of tyres and maintaining them in proper condition is essential for the safety of your vehicle.

Most important component of vehicle

Nobody gives much importance for tyres when buying a vehicle. Even if it tends to get overlooked, tyres are an important component of a vehicle. Usually, all tyres perform well in everyday situations, especially tyres of new vehicles. But the quality of them gets revealed during difficult conditions. So, choose tyres that can perform well, even in tough situations like the worst road or horrible weather. The tyres that you choose for your vehicle must fit perfectly.

Why tyres are important for vehicles

Even if tyres are the most important parts of a vehicle, it is one of the most overlooked ones. Since they are the main part that contact with the road, you need to maintain them on a regular basis so that it can make your vehicle perfect and safe for driving. In addition to supporting the vehicle load, the tyres of the vehicle have many other functions. Change and maintain the road direction and road shock absorbing are some of them. For meeting these functions perfectly, the tyres of the vehicle must be in good condition.

The main reasons for the importance of tyres for a vehicle are:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Traction


Things to consider for choosing the right car tyre

Even if people prefer to choose a vehicle with many safety features, they often neglect the quality of tyres when they buy a car. In fact, the quality of your driving experience largely depends on the quality of the tyres of your vehicle. So, never underestimate its importance. Some of the things you need to consider while choosing the car tyres are:

  • Size of tyres including rim size, tread width, and sidewall height
  • Tubeless or tube-type
  • Tread pattern
  • Tyre quality
  • Rubber material used
  • Consider the reputation of the tyre manufacturer

Everybody knows the importance of car tyres as they are essential components for the safety of the vehicle. When buying a used vehicle, the main concern of many people is the specific model or make. They are also interested to know the amenities, body style, or the performance package of the vehicle. But most buyers do not give much thought to the tyres of it. If they do not care about the quality of the tyres or maintain them in good condition, their vehicles might land in a fleetcare accident repair centre. So, ensure to use the best and high-quality tyres for the safety of both you and your vehicle.