Safely Balance Your Trailer


Loading your cargo onto a trailer requires some knowledge and a lot of patience. Just throwing everything into the trailer is not the best way to arrange your things. There is a correct way and a wrong way to pack, and the incorrect way can cause dangerous accidents.

Take a look at this resource, Properly Loading a Trailer Is a Difficult Balancing Act, before the next time you prepare your trailer. As suggested, be sure to remember the weight restrictions of your towing vehicle and the trailer. Even someone with years of towing experience should review this graphic in a case where they are using a new trailer or a different vehicle than they are used to hauling.

A correctly loaded trailer can make the difference between a safe trip and being the catalyst of a serious crash. Poorly loaded trailers can start to move side to side — swaying back and forth — and if the driver were to increase their speed, it can cause whipping, which makes it challenging to keep control and can produce a hazardous situation for all vehicles on the road.

Proper loading, safe driving, and keeping yourself attentive and alert are the most important factors to towing a trailer. Never drive above the speed limit with a trailer attached. If you see that the trailer begins to swerve, take your foot off the gas pedal and let your vehicle slow below the speed limit. Do not hit the brakes. Keep your steering wheel straight. As soon as you can stop yourself safely, do so and reload your trailer as described in the infographic.