The Risks of Driving with a Cracked Windscreen


Having a cracked windscreen is not uncommon, regardless of the type of car you are driving. There is debris and flying objects on the road that cause such damages. Thus, it is sometimes inevitable and when it happens, avoid driving the car in such a condition, since it poses risks to the passengers more than you can imagine. Getting a ticket is not the major thing to worry about here, but the safety of your passengers and the structural integrity of the car. 

Why is it Crucial to Repair a Windshield?

When all accounts are considered, it’s critically important to have a cracked windscreen repaired as soon as possible. There are several things that you prevent when it is repaired in good time. In case of an accident and the crack is still on the windshield, you put the lives of the car occupants in danger. 

  • When involved in a roll-over accident, structural support is very important. A damaged windshield is weak and jeopardizes this, as it is highly likely the roof will cave in. Without support, the car will not only have extensive damage, but it will also cause serious injuries to the occupants. 
  • In a front-end collision, a cracked windscreen increases the risks of injuries as the impact or force is transferred inside the car. However, when such a collision takes place and the crack is repaired, the force is transferred to the chassis.
  • One of the highest risks of driving with a cracked windscreen is that it affects airbag deployment on the passenger side. When it is in good condition, the deployment is triggered towards the passenger, but when it’s cracked, there is a possibility there will be an outward deployment. The passenger’s head, neck, and chest are not protected. 

Other Risks

No one wants to spend money where they should not be spending. With a cracked windscreen, it will be easy to get a ticket from the traffic authorities. This is also damage that will decrease the driver’s visibility, especially when in line of vision.

To enhance passenger safety in case of an accident, you should never drive with a cracked windscreen. There will be a problem with airbag deployment in case of a collision, the roof can cave in during a roll-over accident, and there would be more injuries in a front-end collision. You should have the windshield repaired as soon, as possible.