The Six Types of Car Window Tint Films


Car window tinting in Riverside, CA is important among vehicles nowadays. Getting your cars fitted with a window tint film will protect your skin from harmful sun damage. Car window tints also ensure the privacy and safety of the driver and passengers during their journey.

If you are planning a car window tint in Riverside, CA, there are different types where you can choose from. They have different requirements and prices.

The first type is the dyed window tinting. This sort of window tint film is the cheapest one. But even if it’s cheap, it can still block ultraviolet sunlight and protect you from skin damage.

Second is the metalized window tint films. The metallic window tincture is long-lasting and does not fade quickly. These window tint films are also solid and scratch-resistant.

Next type is hybrid window tinting. Such window tint films are a combination of metallic and colored window tint films.

Fourth type is carbon window tint. Carbon window tint films are one of the best. Carbon window tint films don’t just reduce UV rays but also IR rays or Infrared Rays. They also don’t fade easily and have a matte-finish look that adds more appeal to your car.

The fifth form of window tint film is crystalline. These types of window tint films block more heat than darker tints, but will never interfere with your smartphone or GPS signals.

Finally, the tints of the ceramic frame. This one is high-end among all the styles of window tint films. This absorbs more than 50% of the solar heat without having to obstruct the window’s visibility.

It’s up to you to choose between these styles of car window tint films for your vehicle. Just make sure it fits the budget and specifications. For more information see this infographic by Global tint USA.