Tips to Maintain Car Air-Conditioning System


Car air-conditioning system is not same as your home air-conditioning system and may require special care and maintenance. Whether your car is new or old, a good air-conditioning system will help you get the best driving experience. There are service providers for car air-conditioning Regas Sunshine that offer best service at highly competitive price. 

Air-conditioning service is usually not the part of regular car servicing and hence stays neglected. Poorly maintained air-conditioning in car would result in reduced fuel efficiency and hence increase the running cost. It is therefore recommended to opt for car service Yarraville or wherever you stay for effective car air-conditioning system. While you should get its serviced by the car service expert on regular basis, there are some simple day to day care tips to follow. 

Keep it running – You don’t need to use it daily but using your car air-conditioning for at least 10 minutes every week. If you are not going to use it due to climatic condition or other such reasons, then just run it for 10 minutes as a maintenance routine. This will ensure that your car air-conditioning system is up and running all the time. 

Let the fresh air in – Let the defrost or fresh air function work for some time whenever you switch on the AC as this will keep your car odour free. Fresh air will also help in removing heat from the car and also help with the cooling. Fuel efficiency also increases with this fresh air circulation.

Use it in winters – You may not want to use your car AC in winters but it is always recommended to use car AC for all seasons. It helps in removing humidity and keeps the windshield clear from fog. If there is temperature control available then set on higher temperature but keep it running.

Gas and lubrication – Gas and lubricants need to be checked regularly to keep the AC working efficiently. You can check it once in two years or get it checked at the time of servicing. If you are opting for regular servicing of air-conditioning system then these routine checks will be carried out by the technician. 

Apart from the above care tips, you can also check out for annual maintenance contract to get the regular servicing done without forgetting service appointments. This will make sure that you get complete fuel efficiency and best driving experience.