Unknown Facts about Sleeper Trucks that Everyone Must be Aware Of 


Are you going to buy a sleeper trucks for sale or you already have it? No matter the reason, there are a hundred reasons why you should get it for yourself. If you are seeking a career in it, then this is the best that you should look for! 

Do you own a sleeper truck? How much time have you spent on it? Can you say that you know everything about it? Well, it’s hard to know everything about it since it’s not so interesting. However, if you have an interest in it, then all the facts that you’re about to read might interest you.

The facts will tell you more about the vehicle that you are using for a long time. So, are you ready for it? 

Let’s begin with the facts that will make you see your sleeper truck with fresh eyes. 

  • Number # 01: The sleeper truck industry consists of about 9 million workers. If you do the math, every 1 in 14 Americans is associated with the industry. So, feel proud to be associated with such a growing industry. 
  • Number # 02: It’s not easy to take a U-turn with such a large vehicle. For sleeper trucks, it takes about 55 ft. to make a U-turn. So, before you leave for your destination, be aware of your route. 
  • Number # 03: About 5 million commercial trucks are on the road at this time in America out of which 2 million are only sleeper trucks. Congratulations, you are one of a million! 
  • Number # 04: There are only a few qualified truckers in America, which is why their salaries keep increasing with time. Currently, a normal trucker earns around $39,520/year by driving a truck. 
  • Number # 05: There are approximately 200,000 female truckers working in the industry. It’s a diverse field and everyone gets an equal chance here. 
  • Number # 06: If you were a trucker your entire life, then you have completed approximately 3 million miles in your career. A normal trucker covers about 125,000 miles/year. Do the math! 
  • Number # 07: If you are looking for an answer to safe truckers, then they are owner-operators. They are responsible for their own repairs, which makes them pretty safety-conscious. Nobody likes to keep losing their money on the repairs for the whole life. 
  • Number # 08: Truck drivers are an important part of society. Unless you’re aware of it, but about 75% of the community is highly dependent on the sleep trucks to deliver the goods.
  • Number # 09: Sleeper trucks can travel about 200 million miles across the nation every year. If you’re a traveler, then it’s a good opportunity for you to explore and get in touch with new places. 
  • Number # 10: There are about 10 forward gears in the sleeper truck and 2 reverse gears. Well, that’s not enough. Some trucks even have about 18 years in them. So, it’s not a piece of cake to drive them.

Do You Need a Sleeper Truck? 

The question is – do you want to be a trucker? Do you have the experience and skills? Driving a sleeper truck is not everyone’s job and not everyone is professional enough to do it. 

Buying a sleeper truck is not so difficult, however, it does take some effort. If you are completely unaware of how to drive a sleeper truck, then there is no point investing in them. They are pretty hard to handle and require professional experience. 

But, if you have the experience and you just need an upgrade, then you’re in the right place. You must know everything about the sleeper truck already, so buying it won’t be an issue. All you have to do is come in touch with a good Semi Truck Dealer and work out a good deal for yourself. 

So, ask yourself if you really need a sleeper truck for your business. If yes, then why wait? Find the best sleeper truck for sale around you and work on your deal right away. 


There are a lot of other things that you don’t know about a sleeper truck. The vehicle is out of this world considering its function and operation. You can buy sleeper trucks for sale from any trusted dealer, but make sure that you check it thoroughly. 

Anyone can scam you if you have no idea about the business. So, if you are new to it, then make sure to get some help from an expert.