Ways to Protect the Exterior of Your Car


Car Smart has some of the best car exterior protection tools in the industry. Protecting your car’s exterior is important for it to look pristine and that the paint and body have a long life.

There are plenty of benefits to protecting the exterior of your car besides just maintaining its appearance. There are functional benefits too such as avoiding breakdown of parts by rusting and increasing its resale value.

There are many things you can do to ensure your car’s exterior is in tip-top shape including:

Wash Your Car

The most basic and essential way to protect the exterior of your car is to wash your car properly. Washing your vehicle ensures many of the elements that may cause it damage are removed.

All the grime and dirt that accumulates on the surface of your car is the main culprit in its deterioration. You should wash your car with soap and water using a sponge and dry it using a microfiber towel.

Dry the car yourself instead of air drying it and wax it afterwards. Waxing offers an added layer of protection against dirt and debris that may damage your car.

Cover your Car

When you see an image of cars parked in a typical American street, almost none is usually covered. That leaves the surface of the vehicle exposes to the elements especially when parked outside for long periods of time.

You can avoid this by purchasing a cover for your vehicle. A cover will protect the entire exterior of your car apart from the tires.

There are covers made from different types of materials including canvas, vinyl and plastic. Waterproof covers that also protect the car from the sun are the best type of covers you can get.

Park Indoors

One simple way to prevent your car’s exterior from being damaged by the elements is to park it indoors. If you have an indoor garage, it is the best for your car’s protection.

Parking your car away from the harsh sun and stinging rain protects your paint from fading. It will also prevent the body of your car from rusting and elongate its lifespan.

If you cannot build your own garage or indoor parking space, you can park your car in a commercial parking lot. It may seem expensive in the short run but the protection you enjoy will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Use Paint Cleaners

You can use paint cleaners to protect the exterior of your car. In some cases, washing and waxing your car may not be enough particularly if you drive through harsh weather regularly.

Paint cleaners have been shown to remove stubborn contaminants from the body of your car. Such contaminants include tree sap and bugs that are very harmful to your car.

Paint cleaners are available in varying measures of abrasiveness from light and mild to strong and potent. You should start with lightly abrasive cleaners before moving on to stronger ones.

There are other ways to protect your car’s exterior but the above should do just fine. Be sure to choose methods that are suitable for your particular car.