A rider’s must-have gadgets’ checklist


As a newbie, I had no idea how much better my riding trips could be if only I accessorized. But once I discovered how a few pennies could enrich my world, I began the tremendously long road to more exciting adventurous trips. Below are some of the affordable accessories I acquired to transform my riding experience. Consider getting these along with other motorcycle imports. After all, why not? The items are indispensable! At one point or another, you’ll have to get them.

Tire and tube flat repair kit

There is nothing as upsetting as getting a flat emergency in the middle of nowhere on your way to an amazing camping trip. That is a given, it shutters all the excitement. However, with a tire and tube repair kit, you have access to a complete patch it and the necessary hand tools needed for the task. The kit contains four small CO2 cans for reinflation – useable on tubeless tires too.  

Air pressure gauge

This is a cheap essential item that could save you regular trips to the garage that waste your time and gas. So why not carry it with you? Generally, a regular sized one looks like a pen and can easily fit in your pocket. All you need is to fit it into the tire valve and take the psi reading on the upper end.

Crash protection accessories

I cannot stress this enough. There’s absolutely no loss in investing in motorcycle protection accessories and gear. Other than the safety gear, you can get products like the crash bars, skid plates, frame sliders fixed on your bike’s body. Handguards and knee guards are add ons to protect your body in case of a fall or crash. Keep in mind you can have all the costly repairs done for your bike but not your body. Therefore, invest in body armor!

Motorcycle earplugs

Noise from the wind inside a helmet can be as high as 100 decibels. This can cause permanent ear damage in as little time as half an hour. The earpiece motorcycle earplugs are high-tech noise-canceling filters that eliminate ambient wind and engine noise while allowing other important sounds such as hooting, or screeching tires, to be audible. This way the riders’ attention to traffic will not be compromised. 

Bluetooth communication system

A wireless communication gadget is essential to keep every rider’s needs at bay. It also minimizes distractions from the road while having to pick a call and can even connect multiple riders on a single network depending on the model.