Benefits of a Good Dirt Bike Suspension and Tuning



When it comes to optimizing your dirt bike performance, all the parts must be properly built and coordinated, including the brakes, chassis, engine, suspension system and drive. However, when it comes to giving you a great riding experience, the role of dirt bike suspension cannot be overemphasized. The suspension system can make the difference between winning a motocross or enduro racing. That’s why it’s crucial to purchase high-end dirt bike suspension and constantly tune it to obtain optimal results. This article will address why this is true.

Why Purchase a Good Dirt Bike Suspension?

The suspension system is used to suspend the rider and bicycle in other to shield them from the roughness of the terrain. In sports involving dirt bikes, this is especially true given the unforgiving terrains riders have to navigate. Therefore, it makes total sense to purchase the best dirt bike suspension system for the following reason:


Dirt bike riders are just an extension of their bikes. Having fluidity in the feel of their bike is important. With an okay suspension system, the bike feel would be inferior. However, by opting for a great dirt bike suspension, every ride becomes a great experience.


Winning a motocross or enduro racing requires holistic efficiency from the bike and the rider. A bad suspension system affects the overall efficiency of rides. 


In a bid to save cost, some bikers opt for cheaper suspension systems. However, in the long run, they spend way more because they have to change or constantly repair it. Although a good dirt bike suspension system is generally more expensive, they tend to last longer and give you a superior experience. 

Why Tune Your Dirt Bike Suspension?

While purchasing a great suspension system is the first step, suspension tuning will help you align your riding style with your bike’s handling. This is very important because all riders are inherently different! By adjusting the sag, preload, compression, and rebound, you can find the perfect combo that works best for you. Here’s what that will do for you.

Better Balance

Have you ever noticed that your rear wheel doesn’t track a line or your front end feels saggy and unresponsive? Suspension tuning can help fix these issues and many others.

Increased Stability

Stability is an important facet of dirt bike racing. Increased stability ensures better balance, more predictability, and less wash-out. Issues like rebound damping or compression damping can be easily resolved with suspension tuning.

Better Feeling

Have you ever noticed how your bike sounds and performs better after changing the oil? The same is true of suspension tuning. You’ll notice the enhanced balance and stability and that will cause you to feel a great sense of happiness, pride, and accomplishment!


Dirt bike racing is a passionate sport that requires efficiency. And that starts with getting the right suspension system. 

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