Consider Upgrading Your Ride with a Suspension Lift Kit


Truck owners looking to improve their vehicle’s performance find Red Desert Offroad suspension lifts help them to achieve this goal while improving the visual appeal of their ride. Countless truck enthusiasts have turned to lifted suspensions to ensure their vehicle handles everything they throw at it without detracting from the appearance. What are these kits, why do people choose to install a suspension lift kit, and how should an owner go about choosing a lift kit for their ride? The following guide answers these questions and more.

What are Suspension Lift Kits?

Suspension lift kits function to increase the ground clearance of a vehicle while providing the driver with a smoother ride regardless of where they go. The high-performance accessories allow drivers to take on difficult conditions and obstacles with ease. They improve the handling and control of the truck while ensuring the comfort of those in the vehicle.

Why should a person choose a suspension lift kit as opposed to a body lift kit? A suspension lift kit raises the chassis and body, which provides a better look for the truck. The driver may have an additional six inches of fender clearance, so the driver can upgrade to 40″ tires without difficulty. The extra ground clearance increases off-road opportunities as well. Drivers love that they can purchase a spring spacer kit and spend less to fit the kit to the vehicle. Finally, owners discover they have more choices, price points, and options to choose from than they get with body kits.

Benefits of a Suspension Lift Kit

Individuals who tow items regularly find a suspension lift kit offers numerous benefits. They can take the vehicle off-track racing or off-road driving with no difficulty and can load the truck easily without sacrificing performance. With the suspension kit installed, drivers find their load becomes more even, which means they are more comfortable when taking on rough terrains even when the vehicle is fully loaded. Going over bumps and rocks presents no challenge with the lift kit. Furthermore, the kit allows for better gas mileage and enhanced braking, especially when the driver is towing extremely heavy cargo and needs excellent road handling.

Choosing a Suspension Lift Kit

Owners might wonder how to go about choosing a size for their suspension lift. It’s best to work with a professional on this task. Individuals who have never installed a lift often make common mistakes that can be avoided by requesting help with this task.

If a driver chooses a larger lift suspension, they need to account for the additional parts that must be purchased to accommodate the larger lift suspension. This includes a track bar, shocks that accommodate the changing height, and new control arms. Working with a professional ensures the right parts are selected for the work to be done.

Start with a smaller fit and work upwards. Doing so allows the driver to adjust to the lift increments. A failure to do so could lead to the driver toppling the vehicle and rolling it because they didn’t account for the change in driving dynamics.

Many drivers choose to lift their vehicles with the help of suspension lift kits. Doing so offers numerous benefits. However, work with a reputable provider of these kits to ensure you get one that enhances your ride in every way. This ensures the kit is everything you envisioned when you made the purchase.