Difference Between Major and Minor Servicing of Jeep Models


If you are an owner of a Jeep model for quite a long time, you must have experienced the fact, that each time your car servicing bill has been different from the earlier one. No, we are not saying if it is increasing in an equal pace, we are just saying it is quite different, may be your last servicing bill was lesser than the earlier one. So, you must have realized that, while the last one was a minor one, the earlier to that might have been a major one. But are you aware of the fact, that where does this boundary of Minor Servicing ends, and the area of Major Servicing begins? For those who are curious to know the answer, we are furnishing the facts that have been explained by the technicians of the most popular South Haven Jeep service center.

What Makes the Difference

They say that the first criteria of differentiating a minor servicing from a major one is the amount of money, time and efforts that will be invested to carry out the work and bringing it back to its original state. Even a body work can be a major one, if the structure has got damaged to a significant, while a small repair work at the engine compartment can be considered as a minor one, if it only had to replace a particular part. But that’s not enough said, so we need to delve a bit deeper into the subject, in order to clarify all the doubts on your mind, so that next time you visit a repair shop with your car, you’ll be already prepared.

How Much Service is Minor?

When the auto body repair shop tells you that your car will be back to its usual form with some minor servicing, they are basically indicating a comprehensive package of routine job that will start with inspecting your vehicle, running diagnostic checks, flushing, refilling or replacing the engine oil and filters, rotating and aligning the tires or even replacing them.

How Much is Considered as Major?

When the auto repair shop recommends a major service, be sure that it will include the serious parts that either need to be repaired or replaced. The areas of repair that are considered under the umbrella of major servicing will include replacement of transmission and differential oils, brake and clutch fluids, adjustment in the tappet clearance keep your engine run in optimal condition and it can also count checking and replacing of the wheel bearing and grease, as major servicing as they hugely determine the overall health of your car.

How Far Can You Do Them Yourself?

When asked about taking the DIY approach to servicing our cars, the auto experts of the Jeep service near South Haven explained that since most of the modern vehicles are built with complex diagnosis systems of monitoring all the parts of the car, they will automatically remind and notify the car user with the help of several warning lights and messages on the dashboard indicating an issue, that can be addressed yourself, if you have the knack, but if things go beyond the warning lights, like your car discharging odor or making unusual sounds, it is strongly recommended not to experiment without professional guidance.