How Would You Rate the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas?          


In the segment of three-row crossover SUVs, one name we find standing ahead of many is the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas. But when you rate a vehicle, you usually rate it according to your own requirements and expectations. Though every vehicle model will have an overall rating, they will be based on the different aspects on which experts and users will opine and share their experiences.

Here we are choosing the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas because we have seen it making a good mark in the market of three row crossovers, though there are some other brand models that stand quite near to this model in many respects. So we are curious to know from you all how would you rate the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas, given all the features and functionalities we have collected from the San Joaquin Valley Volkswagen dealership.

Major Positive Attributes

The 2020 Volkswagen Atlas is popular among the users mostly because of the spacious interior that has left many of its closest rivals in this aspect. But many people took its name with huge respect not only because it makes a comfortable seating space in all its three rows, but also shows its power diligently when you depend on it while crossing a tough patch of road.

Volkswagen arranges the 2020 edition of its flagship model Atlas in S, SE, and SEL trim levels, among which you can make your Atlas SUV be powered either by the turbo-4 engine or the more powerful V-6 counterpart. We found the 276-horsepower making V-6 engine to be the most convenient though for daily commutes even the base model with the turbo-4 engine can prove to be enough as it too can make a decent power score of 235-hp. But you can get it ordered only as front-wheel drive.

Optimum Family Space Utilization

The crossover SUV models, especially the three row ones are preferred by those who want a spacious space inside that can be well adjusted between people and cargo items, as and when needed. In other words, it is the usability that makes these models become so popular that other family cars are now struggling for a decent sales record.

In this respect we found the 2020 Atlas running ahead in the race course as it can accommodate a big group of adults in cozy seats, while the big door openings that are easy-to-slide enhances the accessibility to the second row to such an extent that even the kids can get in without any help.

Cargo space is yet another strong selling point for the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas as it spreads 20.6 cubic-feet of cargo capacity with all the rows fully occupied, while by closing down the third row can extend the measure to 55.5 cubic-feet of space. If you need to transport something still bigger, you can tumble down the third row to access a gigantic space of 96.8 cubic-feet from just behind the first row.

But before you rate the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas models, we suggest you to get a test drive experience with the trim you liked most at any reputable place like the Kern County VW dealer.