Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Bumper?


Your bumpers are designed to take a hit. Whether you hit someone from behind, or they hit you, your front and rear bumpers absorb the majority of the impact. By absorbing the impact, your bumpers are protecting your most precious cargo: you and your family.

Sometimes, however, your bumper is no longer able to take the hit. It can be damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, this damage is visible to the naked eye. Other times, the untrained eye will never notice it. Either way, it is best to thoroughly check your bumper after impact to determine if it should be repaired or replaced.

1. Is Your Bumper Cracked?

A cracked bumper is no longer a functioning bumper. No amount of paint and plaster can reinforce the bumper.

A cracked bumper is no longer intact. The integrity of the bumper is completely ruined, leaving the bumper unable to absorb an impact in the same manner it could prior to the crack. For this reason, a cracked bumper must be replaced instead of repaired. No repair will reinforce the effectiveness of the bumper, leaving your family in danger upon impact.

2. Is Your Bumper Dented?

The questions should not be if your bumper is dented. The question should be, how bad is the dent? A minor or even medium dent is fully repairable. These dents are cosmetic. The bumper is still able to absorb an impact, and the integrity is intact.

Yet, a severe or major dent is another issue entirely. In the same manner, multiple dents across your bumper can be just as severe as one serious dent. Either way, the integrity of the bumper may be in jeopardy. While it may be able to be repaired to look better, the bumper is compromised. Keeping it will likely reduce its overall effectiveness. Replace a severely dented bumper if it is needed from a top-notch auto body shop company.

3. Is Your Bumper Barely Hanging on by a Thread?

Most of us have experienced a hit so hard that our bumper is hanging by a thread. The questions on whether it can be replaced or repaired rests with how damaged it is. If the bumper is otherwise in good shape, get it reattached and keep moving.

However, if your bumper is severely broken or damaged, don’t even think of repairing it. You will have as much protection as if you kept the bumper off altogether. Once again, if it is severely damaged, get it replaced. Otherwise, you and your family risk additional danger in the event of a car accident.

Never Ignore Bumper Damage

If you have a damaged bumper, don’t ignore it. A damaged bumper may be a bigger problem than it appears. The best idea is to take it to your local mechanic to make sure it is still able to protect you and your family on impact. If you are worried about your bumper’s integrity, reach out to your trusted local auto body shop to advise you on the next steps.

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