Origin of F1 and its Current Scenario


Formula 1, which is popularly known as F1 raceway is the biggest single-seater car racing or to be put in other terms, auto racing. It is on an international level. These series were established and originated with one of the European championships. The term ‘formula’ basically describes the set of rules and regulations that every participant is supposed to follow. The cars used in this are completely different from the normal road cars in terms of the engine as well as shape. The F1 racing is the oldest, one of the most difficult, intense and one of the richest racing championships in the whole world.

The car drivers or the participants are highly trained professionals and possess complete expertise in the same. However, here, not only do the drivers compete with each other but also some kind of rivalry can be seen among the cars. Therefore, the cars which are used here are also designed in one of the most professional and competent ways. The f1 results are one of the most awaited results. The f1 championship started in the year 1950. It is one of the most challenging and complex championships.

There are some rules, which are significantly and essentially to be followed by all the participants. These are as follows:

  • Cars start from the standing grid and take as many laps as are determined and occasionally stop for the change of tires.
  • Refueling during the race is not allowed.
  • Drivers are not allowed to unethically block the other cars. However, for sure, they can defend themselves.
  • The first driver to finish the last lap wins the race.

It is signified that, for once, you should go through the race winner info. You’ll get to know about the best championship league in the world and along with it, you will understand how courageous and tough these racers are. Maybe because of their courage and hard will, they are racing at an international level. There are some racers, which have broken the world record as well.

Furthermore, watching the f1 race is entirely an exciting and one of the most interesting things to do. This is definitely a thing for those who have a good lot of interest in the automobile industry. You will just slide towards the edge of your seat while watching them speeding up. The driver’s interaction in between the race is an engrossing thing to see. However, we just sit back and enjoy ourselves while watching it but the racers have to gather a lot of courage amidst all the pressure.

Formula1’s governing body is the INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOBILE FEDERATION, also known as FIA. This body represents the interest of motoring organizations and motor car users. It facilitates safety and sustainability for all the road users, that too, all over the world. It was established in 1904. The growth and development of FIA as a global organization has been phenomenal and appreciable. There are three interlinked arenas around which this organization works. These are sports, campaign and mobility. Moreover, the complicity and involvement of FIA in motorsport is really old. The motive of FIA has always been to improve safety conditions and, every now and then, it sets up regulations, which promote safety and security.

Hence, F1 is indeed a thrilling sport to watch.