Quick Fixes For That Smashed Back Windscreen


Receiving any kind of damage to your car is always a stressful moment. One particular aspect of your car that can create quite a mess when they’re damaged is your car windows. Although your front windscreen is laminated and won’t shatter completely, the other windows of your car can, so you’ll need to be careful with the glass.

If you’ve had your back windscreen smashed in, you’ll need to get in touch with a car glass replacement company to help insert a new windscreen for you. Before you get the full service, here are a few quick temporary fixes for your smashed back window. 

How can your back windscreen get damaged?

Damaging your front windscreen is certainly more common, but there are still a number of ways that your back windscreen can get smashed. Here are a few of the common ways you could experience this issue. 

    • Car accident – Being involved in a car accident or collision can leave your back window smashed along with other damage to the car. 
    • Theft – In some instances, if you’ve parked your car out on the street, it may fall victim to a burglary where someone has deliberately smashed in your window. Don’t leave any valuables in your car as this can tempt people into committing the crime.


  • Debris out on the roads – This is more of a danger for your front windscreen, but rocks and other bits of debris out on the roads can fly up and smash your back window.


Regardless of how it may have happened, you’ll need a temporary little solution in place before you can get the whole window replaced. 

Temporary fixes 

Having something in place of the window can offer some temporary protection from the elements and theft until you can get it fully fixed. The first thing you’ll need to do is find some protective gloves and dispose of the glass in and around the car in a safe manner. Next up you’ll need something to put in place of the glass to ensure you’ve got at least some level of protection. 

Garbage Bag 

Taping a black garbage bag in place along the framework of the back windscreen can be a quick fix. Although it’s an ugly look, having this securely taped in place with strong duct tape is better than driving around with nothing there. 

Clear Packing Tape 

This is another super simple temporary fix, but this time it’ll take a little more time and effort. Take the time to layer the pieces of tape from top to bottom of the back window. Layering these pieces of tape carefully will help you to create a temporary window to cover the area. If you’ve got passengers in the back of the car, you’ll probably want to repeat this process on the inside of the car too.

Heavy Duty Plastic

If you have some heavy-duty plastic at home you can use it to form a little temporary window in the back of your car. Make sure to securely fasten the plastic in place so there isn’t the worry of it coming loose when you’re driving. 

See a professional glass replacement technician 

As discussed, these are only temporary fixes for a problem that’s only going to get better with the help of professional glass replacement technicians. Try and book in an appointment as early as possible, so you have the peace of mind that your car is secured and safe to drive on the roads again.