Resetting of Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Reminder System


As the name suggests the maintenance reminder system of your vehicle is commonly found in the instrument cluster of all recent time vehicles. It is to communicate with the car user, with the help of an indicator, whenever a maintenance service is nearing.Like every other mechanism, even this system can get out of order at times and you need to fix it up by resetting it.

What the Maintenance Reminder System Does

We got to know from the Cherry Hill auto repair center staff members that each auto manufacturer will differ a bit in asserting the criteria of illuminating the reminder indictor. But what will commonly be covered in them are showing up the distance traveled, displaying the number of hours that the vehicle has run, apart from other conditionsof its operations.

Causes of Failure

Sometime the reminder might fail to illuminate when it is time. The reasons behind this failure can be a damaged speedometer or a wrong dash input, it could be as simple as a fused indicator bulb, or the setting gone wrong. In any of these cases, the solution is either in fixing the damaged parts or resetting the entire programming of the reminder system.

Signs of Malfunctioning

The maintenance reminder system though playing an important role in keeping your vehicle keep healthy, won’t hamper its general functionality. So, you might not notice, when it has literally stopped working properly, and there lies the danger. You need to keep a vigilant eye on the following symptoms to know that it is working fine.

  • The maintenance reminder starts turning on even if you’ve just undergone your scheduled service.
  • Your service interval is long past and still the reminder didn’t warn you.

What is Done and How

The maintenance reminder can be reset simply by pressing a button or going through a combination of steps, like pressing the accelerator pedal while turning on the ignition key. Some vehicles keep things ready by giving a simple button to access the fuse panel while otherscan allow the users to change the setting by logging into your online user account and make the necessary changes there.

Other Determining Factors

Resetting your vehicle’s maintenance reminder without undergoing the scheduled servicing will end up in messing up the system even further.

A backup method of setting up the maintenance reminder will help identify the problems better.

Keep tracking your vehicle maintenance history using your online user account.

If you notice the reminder light not coming on, when it should, or if it is coming on when it should not, know that you need to get the help of a mechanic to diagnose the issue and reset the reminder system if required.

Why is it Important

If you are already having doubt why at all this system is required, since you can always use the backup system to remind yourself, then the mechanics of the auto repair service in Cherry Hill have the perfect explanation. The maintenance reminder works as an automatic convenience feature that calculates whatever is required to keep your vehicle stay strong and healthy. Just as a backup reminder system can save when this system doesn’t work, it can help you the same way, if you’ve ignored the alerts of your backup reminder system.