Types of oils for 2 wheelers


Engine oils are the best friends to vehicles. As they increase their life and keep them maintaining healthy functions in the vehicles. But which oil we choose matters too. Wrong choice may result in terrible results as it may damage the vehicle or even failure. There are various types of oils available in the market depending on their respective uses. So let’s know about types of oils available for 2 wheelers which keep them functioning for long.

Types of oils:

Engine oils are divided into three types which are:

1) Synthetic oil.

2) Semisynthetic oil.

3) mineral oil.

Oil usually functions as a lubricant ,neutralizing the acids,cleaning out sludge,avoiding corrosion and Oxidation.  It is also divided into different grades. With any engine that requires fuel for combustion, and parts that move at high speeds and high temperatures, there arises an obvious need for lubrication of moving parts. Here are some of the primary reasons why your vehicle needs engine oil.To prevent this damage engine oil forms a layer between these metal parts to create a form of lubrication that facilitates motion without friction. While this increases the longevity and performance of the engine, it essentially protects your engine from the wear and tear.


  • Mineral oil:

It is the crudest oil available used in the modernized engines which is a refined product of the petroleum.it is used in the older motorcycles. However it fails to offer lubrication which fails to protect from corrosion and heat. It is not suitable in cold temperatures as well and provides a range of 5000km only after which it needs to be replaced.

  • Semisynthetic oils

It is combination of mineral oil and synthetic oil.It provides better performance than mineral oil.It is also called synthetic blend oil.It has enhanced protection from stress and wearing forces with enhanced viscosity for better lubrication which is not covered by mineral oil.Also available at affordable cost

with better quality which qualifies as an engine oil.Also ensures boosted performance in the vehicle which can be used in low temperature as well.

3) Synthetic oil:it is the modern advancement in the technology with is worth a praise with excellent protection and enhanced fuel efficiency.Also wash outs impurities with better results also has superior lubrication.Available for both low and high temperature with best performance.However it is significantly costly due the high rate production which may be slightly disappointing factor.

Conclusion:1)From overall description we should learn that better choice leads to better results  so do not compromise on the oils.

2)Mineral oil is not good choice for modern vehicles due to the lack of lubrication which may result in corrosion and damage from produced heat.

3) Semisynthetic oil is the best budget oil as it is better lubricant with the the economic rate but not as good as full synthetic oil.

4) Synthetic oil is better choice with enhanced properties with better fuel efficiency as well but is available at significantly high cost due to its expensive technology production.

5) Synthetic and semi synthetic oils are better choice in case of low temperature areas too.

6) Veedol engine oil help to cool these hot parts by acting as an insulator that is in direct contact with the metal. This cooling effect regulates the temperature of the engine, and prevents it from overheating by conduction mode of heat transfer.

Using Veedol engine oil prevents deposition of metal granules and dust onto the metal surfaces of the engine. Using the right engine oil for your vehicle can help to clear out the debris and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. To learn more about the legacy of Veedol Engine Oil, visit www.veedolindia.com