Why a used car is more valuable than a new one?


India has a really great used market for automobiles, especially cars. For every new car sold in India, there are about four used cars that is being sold. The thriving used car market makes it really easy for a common man to get the car of his dreams with his affordable budget. New cars lose nearly one tenth of their value literally at the moment they roll out of the showroom. Therefore, with a limited budget, one can explore a wide variety of options in the used car market.

The used car market is now becoming more organised and secure these days. With a wide variety of options, impressive price ranges and many dealers even offering warranty on the cars, the used car market is actually now a great place to shop. Yes, a user won’t have the peace of mind as buying a new car. There are possibilities that the car one buys second-hand has the possibilities of being abused. The car can be nothing more than a potato. Therefore, it is important to buy a used car from a trusted dealer or person. This article briefly discusses the things to look for before buying a used car. 

Whom should I buy from?

In India there are three possible prospects to buy used cars from: Customer to Customer Deals, Used Car Dealers and Franchised Pre-Owned car companies. The customer to customer mode of exchange always seems to be the easiest and the most widely preferred mode. This is because there is no middle man and hence there’s no brokerage. However, this method is only trustworthy if the seller is trustworthy and is well-known. Used car dealers are really great options to go for in metropolitan and big cities such as Mumbai etc. Franchised pre owned car companies have their branches in nearly most places and they are the ones who tend to offer warranties on the cars they sell.

Small Scale Dealers

Small-scale used car dealers are also another prospect that one can gladly explore. They will have the cars you wish to buy ready for purchase, However, be sure to check the papers before you sign off the deal. These dealers tend to be high handed once the deal is done and they hardly entertain comebacks after purchase. There is always a room for negotiation on the price quoted by the dealer. Therefore, one has to make sure that is always exploited

Organised car Dealers

The organised car dealers are the costliest option for buying used cars in India. However, the high price gives one a peace of mind as the cars that are being sold are inspected thoroughly by professionals before being put on sale. Moreover, these dealers tend to give additional perks such as service coverages and warranties for the cars. In addition to this, they also have a wide collection of cars and one need not worry about after purchase like the small scale dealers as these companies tend to offer the best used car services to customers.