Why Regular Car Servicing Include Oil Change?


Maintaining a car is a huge responsibility that involves regular servicing of all its components that make the system run. Taking the car to the auto repair centers for regular maintenance and servicing and investing a substantial amount for the same, are parts and parcels of car ownership. It is to make sure that this favorite model of transport keeps running in good health, and all our close ones are safe inside it, when it is moving on the road. In this regular servicing we always see the oil change component been given the first priority. When we asked the mechanics of the Spring oil change unit, they explained us the following reasons.

Why Oil Changing is Considered Important

They said, all every car part by default faces the troubles and signs of ageing as well as wear and tear that need to either get repaired or replaced. It is because of the same reason why the manufacturer of the car suggests the motor oil to be changed after the car crosses a certain mileage, to keep the engine compartment stay well lubricated and healthy. Since it is the motor oil that protects each of the engine components from clashing against each other, it is with a timely oil change that all these components will get to survive longer.

It Saves the Overall Car Health

After a car crosses acertain amount of distances, its engine oil starts gathering dust and debris that is enough to affect its viscosity, leave alone purity. The oil filter that gets worn out by now doesn’t stay capable enough to keep the engine oil reservoir away from this external contamination.

On the other hand, by this time the engine oil also tends to get evaporated after it has been burnt enough through the constant run of the vehicle. This affects the engine badly, resulting into frequent overheating, that has a cascading effect on other components as well. So, with a simple engine oil change all these components of the car are saved. Hence it protects the overall health of the car.

How Frequent Should we Change the Oil

Earlier, the first milestone of servicing for any car was crossing the threshold of 3000 miles. it was continuing till the year 2008. Servicing was also recommended forthe cars that didn’t travel so long but has either aged beyond six months from the date of purchase or has crossed that much of time from the last time it got its servicing done.

Currently the cars are having advanced mechanisms that could extend this time and usage limit to 5,000-7,000 miles and a year of time after the last time they have undergone a maintenance.

It Helps Diagnose the Engine Condition

With every oil changing session a car owner gets to know how good are the condition of each and every components of the engine. The staff members of the unit of oil change in Spring reassured us that, for all these reasons, oil changing is considered the most important in regular servicing of cars.