Why should you buy the all-new 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan?


From its uncommon double headlamps and gigantic grille to its bodywork, the 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan is all set to turn heads. To be frank, this uniquely designed sedan has been inspired from the company’s GV80 SUV. Genesis is a luxury brand and you should always assess your requirements before opting for a car from such brand. The 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan is likely to compete with the premium versions of BMW and Mercedes Benz. The 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan shares many similarities with the GV80 SUV and hence is quite fun to drive. The clean-looking and luxurious cabin is a great thing to have in the 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan. Visit any Genesis dealership to get exciting deals and financing options.

Engine and Performance

The Genesis G80 Sedan comes equipped with the turbocharged 2 .5-liter inline-four-cylinder engine that makes 300 horsepower. Car buyers who prefer quicker acceleration can opt for the engine variant that is powerful and hence costly. The Genesis G80 Sedan has decent specs and can compete with the likes of other luxury car brands. The eight speed automatic transmission exudes practicality to modern car buyers. The Genesis G80 Sedan is expected to provide a relaxed ride and it does so quite significantly. With dutiful brakes and effortless steering, the Genesis G80 Sedan always provides top-notch performances.

Interiors of the Genesis G80 Sedan

The interiors of the Genesis G80 Sedan have a plush feel which makes your ride super comfortable. The cabin presents an elegant design with a streamlined dashboard and soft-touch surfaces. On the other hand, the steering is also quite sensitive which ensures that you never face any difficulty while driving the Genesis G80 Sedan around the city or in highways. Ambient interior lighting and gauge cluster are the other exciting interior features of the Genesis G80 Sedan. It also offers heated and ventilated front and rear seats that is a rarity in a car at this price range. You get a large enough boot with smart features which would make loading and unloading stuffs pretty easy. In other words, you have little to complain about the Genesis G80 Sedan.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The Genesis G80 Sedan offers an array of driver-assistance tech that ensures that you have a safe driving experience. From smart parking sensors to various types of alerts, the Genesis G80 Sedan does pretty well in making you safe from dangers. It also has adaptive cruise control along with automated emergency braking system which makes sure that you enjoy a smooth drive. It also comes equipped with assisted acceleration technology that is quite great. Visit a Genesis dealer today and get the best deals and financing options easily.

While buying the Genesis G80 Sedan, make sure that you know the financing options properly. Buy from a dealership which would provide you with great roadside assistance and warranty terms. The Genesis G80 Sedan is a luxury sedan and you should make sure that it is covered under extensive maintenance terms.