5 Benefits of Chemical Milling


    Chemical milling is an efficient etching process that offers many advantages over traditional metal etching techniques. A skilled operator can etch even the most complicated patterns onto just about any hard surface. Below are five key benefits of chemical milling services.

    Fast Turnaround

    Most projects can be completed within a week, with some able to go from prototype to production within a day. Skilled operators can etch designs onto the desired surface in just a few hours. We adjust the etch rate and cut depth based on the hardness of the surface. After the design is applied, all that’s left is post-production cleanup.

    Precision and Versatility

    No matter the complexity of the design or the toughness of the material, the chemical process produces precise parts with no detail overlooked. Microscopic precision accommodates a wide range of part sizes with tight thickness tolerance. You can add multiple layers and dimensions to your design. Engrave a slogan, emboss your logo, and even etch small holes.

    Cost Efficiency

    The typical chemical milling project costs substantially less than standard tooling procedures. It costs little to set up the tooling. Even intricate shapes and brittle parts can be machined efficiently. Small and bulk orders alike benefit from cost savings. Clients can change the design at any point before the milling takes place for only a small fee. As mentioned above, the quick setup time means more savings for you.

    No Damage to Materials

    The process is ideal for embossing, engraving, and coining. After the operator finalizes the measurements, they can apply the design without burrs or warping. The stress-free nature of the process allows for even thin materials like sheet metal to undergo processing without damage. Different materials receive different cut depths to ensure accuracy, precision, and preservation of physical properties.

    Inventory Management

    Chemical milling lets you etch logos and numbers on product parts for reference and inventory management. You can add dates, addresses, contact information, and more to make sure each part is accounted for and organized properly.

    We use precise chemical milling to accommodate custom, build-to-print projects on various materials from aircraft carriers to spinal implants. Our skilled operators will place your design upon your desired surface exactly how you want it. Contact us to learn more and get a quote.