5 Simple Tips To Buy Second Hand Bikes In Bangalore  



With much research, rounds of deliberation and suggestions, we start saving up for purchasing a brand new bike to satisfy our minimalistic needs. However, despite saving up for the new asset, people could not make it due to its high price tags and maintenance needs. If you are keenly looking forward to buying second hand bikes in Bangalore, then this article will help you clench your dream asset by taking some vigilant steps before the purchase. Listed below are five simple tips and tricks that will facilitate your purchase venture of used bikes in Bangalore.  

5 easy tricks to own second hand bikes in Bangalore 

Research, Research and Research, this is the only way to ace any course of action, be it buying second hand bikes in Bangalore or building a mega rocket. However, to fulfill the research findings, you must also follow the internal content of the topic to perceive a better understanding of the subject. The following mentioned ways will help you identify 5 ways to purchase your second hand asset. 

  1. Ascertain the usage of the second hand bike as per your priority: The first and the foremost thing while purchasing second hand bikes in Bangalore is to check your needs and choose the bike model catering to the same. Precisely, choose a bike which checklists all your options that you have planned in your mind. The model should meet the following questions:
  • Need for purchasing this module.
  • Is this model meant for covering long distances, rocky terrains, highways or plain roads. 
  • Will this model provide a better mileage and suspension?
  • Is it attached with a shock absorbing setup to suffice the higher roadways or watery surfaces?    
  1. A friendlier price range: A friendlier price refers to the specialised rate scale that matches with your planned budget. It is suggested to look for bike variants that fits in perfectly within your budget. Also, a second hand bike’s EMI slabs will be comparatively lesser, so you can allocate a segregated amount to pay off your interest rates each month. A steal indeed for second hand bikes in Bangalore. 
  2. Better mileage and features: Amongst the variegated options available in the market, you can opt for bikes with a good mileage and effectiveness in fuel storage capacity. You can also look in for online reviews and comments by customers to select the best of all. Do not forget to ask the seller about the fuel consumption by the engine per kilometer to make better comparisons between the variants. Check out for options which are equally economical and durable. Also keep a check on the model specification like: colors, brand, brake system, headlight settings, storage capacity, seating space, layout of the body, mirrors, etc. 
  3. Repair and maintenance costs: Repairing a vehicle consumes much of the expenses and efforts. So if you are buying second hand bikes in Bangalore, make it a point to check the insurance papers before purchase. Do not waste your hard earned money in paying the insurance cover for a pre-owned bike, ask the seller to provide you with the legitimate papers for future perusal. Ensure that the insurance covers fruitful services starting from annual servicing to its unprecedented maintenance.
  4. Resale value is a prerequisite: Do not buy a vehicle just for the sake of fulfilling your needs, analyse, discuss and then reach to a conclusion of buying it at a given cost. Not only this, always remember to ask the dealer about the asset’s resale value. Ensure to check the service center periphery of the model, repair charges and much more. Also make sure that while you resale the second hand bikes in Bangalore, you can get a decent amount after the exchange. This way you are left with handsome profit in both the situation of buying and selling.


The sales and purchase of automobile assets can be a strenuous task. However, if you stay vigilant and aware of the price and latest variations, you can easily buy second hand bikes in Bangalore at an affordable range. Do remember to follow the 5 golden tips to ace your purchase venture effortlessly.