A Look At Timeless Car Body Styles


Some car body styles were designed for work, and others for play. But regardless of what the car designer had in mind, it turns out that car buyers have minds of their own. Consider the pickup. Designed as a heavy-duty work vehicle, the pickup has become a lifestyle choice for small town and suburban car buyers who rarely haul anything more than a few bags of mulch. But it doesn’t matter — people like cars for all sorts of reasons. But while certain types of body styles come and go, others have hung around for decades, and a few for over a century.

The infographic below, 10 Timeless Car Body Styles, takes a look at the vehicles Americans have always been attracted to. Which are your favorites? Chances are, there will be several.

Some car body styles have remained popular for utilitarian reasons. The minivan, or MPV (multipurpose vehicle), is a case in point. First introduced in the 1980s for family transportation, the minivan’s styling resembled a very long, very large cardboard box. Many owners bought them reluctantly, but bought them they did — because the minivan had practical design features such as sliding doors and third-row seats that simply could not be beat for getting children from point A to point B. Today, minivan sales have declined with the introduction of the SUV and crossover, but those practical design features still make it a solid option for family use as well as many types of commercial needs.

Besides its historical perspective, the infographic has practical value as well. If you’re a first-time car buyer, or you’re trying to weigh the differences between one car type versus another, the infographic’s visuals ought to give you a little help. A certain body might sound good in theory, but can you see yourself behind the wheel? Is it really what you need? Is it really what you want? Continue reading now to find answers.