Preventive Auto Maintenance for Seasonal Changes


As seasons change in Salt Lake County, so does your car’s preventive maintenance to keep from needing auto repair. This need for a switch in your preventive maintenance is due to the road changing conditions as the seasons do to ensure that you can safely drive on the road. To keep you from needing serious auto repair and safe, we have compiled a list of five preventative maintenance seattle wa tips you should consider as temperatures cool down in Salt Lake County.

Tires are one of the most crucial parts of seasonal preventative maintenance because they change as the seasons do. You can approach this in a couple of ways. You can purchase all-season tires, or you can rotate between summer and winter tires. If you choose to do the latter, check out your nearest auto repair shop to help switch back and forth and ensure that everything lines up for safe driving.

Unsurprisingly, summer and spring create opportunities for the buildup of debris and dust to collect in your vehicle. During the hotter months, heat and long days can cause fluids to deplete faster, meaning you may need an oil change sooner than later. Over time, the oil will become clumpy, sticky, and useless, meaning unless you know how to do it yourself, it’s time to hit up your local Salt Lake County auto repair shop.

Along with tires, brakes are essential for winter driving. Stopping power decreases in the snow and ice, so it is a great time to have a brake inspection at an auto repair shop during a seasonal change. Make sure those have working brake pads to give your car the best chance to make a clean stop.

One of the luxuries our car provides heating and air conditioning, and these are pretty essential as the seasons change. It’s best to have our AC and heating systems checked to remain comfortable in our vehicles in blistering hot or cold weather conditions. Your auto repair shop can do a visual inspection for any leaks or problems with vents and fluids.

Unsure of which part of your vehicle requires the most work? Tune-ups at your local Salt Lake County auto repair shops are great ways to put your mind at rest. A mechanic will note any issues with your vehicle and scan for default codes to ensure your safety on the road. Your auto repair shop should work hard to catch any problems and fix them right away, so it isn’t a concern for later.

Remember to keep these preventative maintenance tips in mind as seasons change so that you and your auto repair shop can work together to keep you safe on the road all year long.

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