Best Caravan Spots in WA: Weekend Caravan Escapes


Life, especially as an adult, can be draining and tiring. From your day-to-day responsibilities, work, up to many other obligations, every weekend is surely your favorite part of the week. Because life is already stressful as it is, you need to relax and unwind once in a while. Now that we’re talking about the weekend, who says that weekends are meant to be spent just snuggled at home? 

Whether you need to get a breather from a tiring week, or you’re a free spirit looking for the next place to spend your weekend in, this article is something that’s worth the read. In this article, you’re going to learn about the various weekend caravan escapes in Western Australia. As a place abundant in beaches, camping spots, and lush forests, your next weekend getaway would surely be an unforgettable one! 

Best Caravan Spots in West Australia to Spend The Weekend In

Swan Valley

If you’re a wine collector, you’ll surely enjoy visiting this place. But if this is the first time you’ve heard about Swan Valley, here are a few fun facts about it. Known as Australia’s oldest wine valley, this 32-kilometer trail is abundant with food and wine. It has a warm climate and fertile soil, making it the best place to produce all kinds of wine! If you’re interested in trying out their most famous wines, the all-time popular is Verdelho and Shiraz. 

For people who care more about the scenery than wine, Swan Valley won’t disappoint. Aside from wineries, you can also feast your eyes on the picturisque roadsides, and you can even make a stopover to camp and explore around. The best time to catch colorful, vivid sceneries is during springtime so don’t forget to write it down. 

Activities you can enjoy: Now that you’re in the oldest wine valley in Australia, seize the moment and eat a hearty breakfast while looking at vast vineyards. Sittella Winery is famous for serving you breakfast with a nice view. However, if you’re more of a beer person, head on to Mash Brewing Co and enjoy your drink! You can also visit Caversham Wildlife Park and be one with the animals. 

Moore River 

Moore River is located on West Australia’s coastline, making it the ideal place to make your fishing or canoeing dreams come true. Who doesn’t enjoy staying in an oasis? Considering all the things you can do, it’s something that’s best visited during early summer or in the middle of the spring. 

Activities you can enjoy: Walking, hiking, fishing, or simply sitting back and relaxing. You can also go snorkeling and enjoy the sight of shipwrecks off the coast! If you want to do activities that aren’t too tiring, you can attend various river tours or go Bream fishing. 

Honeymoon Pool, Collie River

This place is proof that transformations are beautiful. From being a coal mine town, this is now a place that is a mix of urban and rural places. If you’re looking for some sort of balance, visiting Collie would be the right place to take a breather in. Do you know what’s the best part of Collie? Honeymoon pool. 

Honeymoon Pool is a natural pool located in between forests. So for those who want to escape and enjoy nature, this would be the perfect spot for you. 

Activities you can enjoy: You get to decide! Whether it’s biking, hiking, swimming, or canoeing, what you do in Collie rests in your hands. You can also go sightseeing or meditate in the forests; anything that can make you appreciate the place and the scenery it offers. Of course, camping will always be an option! 

Sandy Cape 

For all the water lovers out there, this place would be perfect for you! Sandy Cape is a place where you can bask under the sun, swim, snorkel, fish, and even sandboard to your heart’s content. So whether it’s a family weekend or a weekend where you just want to feel an adrenaline rush, this is a place worth staying in. 

Activities you can enjoy: SInce Sandy Cape is a beach, any water activities are possible! Yes, you can swim, snorkel, fish, or simply sunbathe and bask in the sun. Surprise surprise, you can also go skydiving! 

Extra note: When going fishing, be mindful of signs that indicate that it is a restricted zone. 

There are many more spots you have yet to visit and see, but here are a few famous ones you shouldn’t miss out on. Remember that once in a while, you need to recharge yourself by soaking in nature and traveling to different places. And in traveling, you don’t have to go far. All you need is a free spirit and places that can soothe your eyes and soul.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great family camping and caravan trip that will take your breath away, look no further than Western Australia. With some of the best camping and caravan sites in the country, or you can also look for caravans for sale Perth, you can be sure that your family will have a blast.