Buy French Brand Michelin Tyres For High Performance & Durability


For many people, tyres are simple components of any vehicle attached to its bottom to roll it on the roads. That’s why most car owners don’t pay heed to the quality when they purchase new tyres. A general tendency of most car owners is to buy cheap tyres because they don’t know the technicalities of the tyre structure. 

Tyre structure and its working

A typical tyre is made of natural or synthetic rubber and has similar components – two primary structural elements, the tread and belt assembly and the casing, consisting of several layers. It works appropriately by the right amount of compressed air by which the tyre is inflated. A tread in the tyre provide traction, and its body delivers containment for an amount of compressed air. Traditionally, all tyres were supplied with a rubber tube inside for filling compressed air. Still, the latest technology has launched tubeless tyres in the market, fitted in the most modern vehicles. The tubeless tyre is better over traditional tyres in many ways.

Top international tyre brands and their tyre testing criteria

BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama are the top ten reputed brands that have launched high-quality multi-featured tyres for a different vehicle in the international markets. Reputed tyre manufacturers have the 360-degree approach, as they rely on hard testing for their products. These tyres are highly efficient and endurable throughout their stipulated life. Some superior tyres even work well beyond their actual life. The top manufacturers usually consider three primary criteria for tyre testing:

  • The rolling efficiency of tyre for the vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • The intensity of noise produced by rolling of the tyre
  • Stopping efficiency on wet roads, called the wet grip when brakes are applied on wet roads

Fuel efficiency criterion is essential from the perspective of cost-saving over the entire life of the tyres. Low-noise tyres have low-friction with the ground surface, and thus a fewer chance of wear and tears. Wet grip is an essential element for safety on the road.

Michelin tyres

All top brand tyres are best for efficient performance over the years. Still, you can compare them for various features, factors, and price. Michelin is the second largest tyre brand in the world. It is the first choice of most vehicle users worldwide. Michelin is the close competitor of Pirelli, another reputable brand of Europe. The brand has provided exceptional features for family and company cars. This French brand was launched in the year 1889 by the Michelin brothers; Edouard and Andre Michelin and named after them. Michelin tyres earned a reputation internationally for their superb quality and excellent driving experience. These tyres are unique for their performance and durability because the company uses top-grade rubber.

Buy Michelin tyres

Since tyres are a crucial component of the car, you can rely on the Michelin brand for a high level of performance with its latest technology and superior features. Michelin brand is top-selling in Bahrain. Search for this tyre brand and its sellers on the internet with the keyword “Michelin tyres Bahrain.” 

You can find them on exclusive tyre shops and many automotive accessory stores in Bahrain.