Buying a used vehicle? Don’t forget to check the Car history!


    In spite of buying a new car, there are people who think about buying a used car. The purchase depends on the type of vehicle and how much you want to spend on it. Though, one must go for the Car check history. There is a complete chance that such cars do have some financial liability or accidental damage. Hence, it becomes quintessential that you should do the car history report.

    Things to be included in the report

    The Car History is known for offering information such as:

    • Stolen status
    • Accidental damage
    • Vehicle financial liability check
    • Odometer check
    • Registration details
    • Previous sale information
    • Vehicle valuation

    Watch out for the following things

    There are certain things that need to be checked while opting for Car check.

    1. Financial liability

    Sometimes the owner selling his vehicle still has to pay money if he has taken a loan. In case, if you buy such a vehicle without your knowledge then you automatically become liable for such balance. Therefore, buying a used car, make sure that you don’t forget about all the necessary steps to be taken while making the deal. Always start with checking the financial status ensuring that all debt related to the vehicle has been cleared.

    1. Wrong odometer reading

    A car check report is a way to find the correct vehicle’s odometer reading depending on the service history. Hence, you can discover any kind of inaccuracy.

    1. The vehicle is written off

    Do you know what vehicle written off means?

    It means the repairing cost of a vehicle is more than the cost of the vehicle itself. Every vehicle buyer should know about this because many times used vehicle you are looking to buy do have hidden issues.

    1. Stolen vehicle

    Obviously, you don’t want to buy a stolen vehicle. It has been seen that the original owners can lately claim for the repossession of the vehicle. You definitely don’t want to spend money on covering any funds.

    Do I also need a car check report?

    The answer is definitely yes as Car Check not only saves your time, money but unwanted headaches as well. You can easily check the history of used cars including road tax details model information, MOT mileage history, and reasons for its failures. Just enter the car registration number and check all the details at one go.