Buying An Armored Vehicle Must Go Through The Following Checklist


To invest in an armored vehicle is to invest in your personal security. Investing in an armored car that will suit your requirements and needs in the near future will require a little research and planning since these cars aren’t just ordinary ones. With the increasing demand for these vehicles, more and more companies are emerging in the market. So how does one know which company can be trusted with your security and protection? Well, apart from the experience of the company, there are several other things to take into consideration before investing in an armored vehicle.

  1. Look for a company that offers a cost estimate.

Apart from taking cash in installments, a reputed company can be identified by finding out if it offers customers a cost estimate. Since these vehicles are not at all cheap, the company would readily customize the vehicle into a bulletproof one, cutting down on the cost and according to your requirements.

  1. Considering blast and ballistic standards

The essence of an armored vehicle lies in its bulletproof nature and the types of bullets it can sustain. So, you could ask the company what kind of bulletproof glass they are using because highly-reputed companies use high-quality glass that can sustain and protect you from various kinds of bullets such as armor-piercing. One significant aspect of this is when they reduce the weight of the vehicle; they should not compromise its ballistic protection. Therefore, considering a vehicle that complies with the latest ballistic standards is important.

  1. Luxury options in the car

Choosing a company which can provide you technologically-advanced cars such as luxury SUVs and Sedans are the ones that take care of both your style and security. In this regard, the Troy armoring sedan can be a great option, which is not just feature-rich but also stylish.

  1. Choose a company that offers vehicle extras

While choosing an armored car, ask for upgraded protection features like belly blast protection, heavy-duty hinges, easy to operate windows as well as brake system and suspension upgrade. You can ask for such features because reputed companies know that armoring is more than mere protection through bulletproof glass, armored fuel tank, and extra engine protection.


Investment in armored vehicles today goes beyond just military purposes as these vehicles are of more significance to governmental, business as well as political figures.