Car Rentals: Understanding your Options


If you want the best deal on long-term rentals, consider booking in advance from home. If you are in Quebec and you decide to rent a car, go to or call a local car rental company, or book through a travel agent. It’s important to decide from whom to rent, what type of vehicle to rent, and where to pick it up and drop it off. Keep reading to understand your options:

Choosing a Rental Company

Most people start their search on a travel-booking website. But, if you have a favourite car rental company at home, think about using the same company in Quebec. Otherwise, you can choose from the many car rental companies in the region. Both locals and travellers commonly hire Location Decarie voiture au mois

As you shop around, go beyond just comparing initial price quotes. Determine the company that has offers involving the best combination of rates, service, and pickup/drop-off locations for your trip. 

In general, it is best to go with a bigger company with a wider choice of pickup and drop-off locations. The majority of large rental companies in the United States have offices throughout Canada. With these companies, you can easily request for a replacement vehicle if you get into car trouble. But, no matter which company you choose, ensure to hang onto all your paperwork for a few months after the rental period. This is necessary in case a billing dispute arises.

Picking a Rental Car

If you are a foreigner in Quebec, you should expect some differences between your typical local rental car and what may get in the region. Keep in mind that cars with automatic transmission are more expensive and may just be available if you upgrade to a larger, pricier vehicle. 

As you check out options for budget rentals, you will come across familiar makes and familiar ones. But, because you are not guaranteed to get the exact vehicle you signed up for, do not waste time carefully picking among models. Usually, you will only get a similar model. To save money, consider renting a small, less expensive model with a stick shift, especially if bigger cars aren’t as manoeuvrable in your destinations.

Getting Quotes

Usually, the longer you rent, the less it will cost per day. Renting for a full-month cost will not be as expensive as renting for a daily or weekly cost. Make sure to ask about your options.