Classic Car Restoration: Is it for everyone?



I have come across some of the most legendary restoration projects ever. The restoration company breathed new life to many of the ancient antique cars south Florida.

Having said that, I have also witnessed many failed attempts by individuals passionate for Florida custom cars but fail to complete the process. The half restored rides are stranded in the garages due to different reasons. Mostly the owners have the will and desire to complete the project, but something comes up and disturbs the beautiful process. Reasons such as:

  1. Running out of Time
  2. Not having the technical expertise
  3. First attempt Project
  4. Depleting Resources
  5. Not finding the right parts

I will be elaborating each point separately to give you a better idea of what usually ends the restoration attempts.

Running out of Time

Restoration of cars usually takes months and years, if you’re taking it as a side project. Fundamentally, you have the time in your hands to do the job with patience. Many Florida custom cars are sold for scrap because the owners did not have the time in the end. 

If you’re a beginner, you should understand the amount of time it will require before you can take the ride for a spin. It all depends on you and your commitment to passion. To have an idea, visit the custom auto shops in Florida and enquire about the time it takes for them to restore a classic car from scratch. 

This will help you make your mind up before you start.

Not having the technical expertise

There are many reasons which cause the end of restoration job; the most dominant is not having the technical knowledge. You may have previously worked for some time in a garage, making you believe that you know everything there is to know, but sadly, that’s not the case. 

Also, there are many people who are good at certain domains in the restoration project, such as the wiring works or reshaping the body; however, there are fewer people who are a jack of all trades. 

First Attempt project

This is linked to the previous heading; however, it is one of the major ones, I had to discuss it separately. 

We all have a habit of believing ‘we know it all’ before starting a Classic Car Restoration FL project with confidence.

It is only a matter of time when we realize how wrong we are. 

Tip from an Expert” never attempt a restoration project before getting experience.’

This is fundamental, ask any antique cars south Florida owner, and he will give a list of cars he has worked on with a team before taking a personal project.

Depleting resources

Another highly ranked reason is the money running out; the works stop. We all know that restoring a car is not a money-savvy project; those living on a tight budget should think multiple times before getting their hands dirty in the garage.

It is plain and simple; if you live hand to mouth, then leave this hobby aside. It would help if you always had your priorities straight and when it comes to Florida custom car restoration. It should come second to being financial stable