How To Import A Car With Ease


When it comes to importing vehicles into Australia, there are not that many rules that you have to follow, however, you have to be careful not to mess anything up, because that could delay the importing process significantly, and as we all know, time is very precious.

Finding a trusted provider

One of the most important things when it comes to importing a vehicle into Australia is to find a provider that will take care of some of the most complicated parts of the import that would take too much of your time if you would have to do them by yourself. There are a couple of expert classic car imports in Australia that are worth checking out.

Do the research

Similar to everything that you are doing for the first time ever, you should do some research. In this case, it is very important to do research on the vehicles that you are interested in. Make sure to check on multiple places when it comes to the prices so you do not overpay, and make sure that the vehicle you want to import is eligible for import to begin with.

Australia has a set of rules on certain vehicles that cannot be imported no matter what. Those are usually certain models, or what is more common to cause a commotion, vehicles that are of certain age, or better said, vehicles that are manufactured past a certain date are ineligible for import.

Importing your desired car is easy with help

Apply for approval

Once you do some research on your vehicle and make sure that it is eligible for import and that it is a good deal, you should find apply for an importing approval. Today, you can do this online, so you do not have to worry about waiting in line. You will also receive the confirmation electronically, which you can then proceed to your provider.


When it comes to shipping, the provider is mostly going to organize all of this for you, as there is a high chance that they have a deal with the shipping company, which means you will not have to wait for an available slot if you would have done it by yourself, and it is also much safer.

You can actually calculate the estimate of your import today via a shipping cost calculator, which is actually very helpful. This will help you plan out just how much money you should be putting aside for the whole importing process. Take note to pay for the customs and vehicle registration once your vehicle arrives to Australia, as you will not be able to take the vehicle under your name before that.

It will feel great when your import is completed

Final word

Importing is quite an easy process when you have someone to do most of the complicated work for you, which is usually the quarantine and meeting the regulations. Hiring someone to do modifications on the vehicle and to make sure that it is completely clean is a blessing, and you should definitely take an advantage of it.

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