Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents


In an ideal world, motorcycles and bicycles should have their own lanes while cars and trucks should have theirs. However, we do not live in an ideal world and this is why all categories of vehicles have to share the same roads. Predictably, when too many categories of vehicles share the same road, this increases the risk of road accidents. We all know that car accidents are relatively common but how common are motorcycle accidents? More to the point, what causes motorcycle accidents? The factors below are likely to cause motorcycle accidents.

Busy Highways

Motorcycle accidents are more common on busy highways where many vehicles are competing for space. In some cases, these accidents occur because motorists do not have as much regard for motorcyclist as they do for fellow motorists. For this reason, some drivers cut into the lanes that should be reserved for motorcycle riders and this leads to avoidable accidents.

Driver Error

Some accidents are caused by nothing other than driver error. We can also include rider error here because it is not always the fault of driver when accidents occur. Some drivers are reckless behind the wheel. They over speed, overtake at the wrong time and generally endanger their lives and the lives of other road users. The same applies to some motorcycle riders. Safe driving means doing your best to avoid accidents. It also means anticipating that the other driver/rider could make a mistake at some point. When you know these things, the right move is to err on the side of caution and avoid accidents.

Mechanical Faults

Contrary to what many people think, mechanical faults do not cause many accidents. This is because most drivers and riders will not hit the road if they know that their vehicles are not in good working order. For instance, no driver in his right mind will embark on a journey if his brakes are defective. Again, most people will not operate their vehicles if the tires are bad or if the gear selection is not working properly. However, accidents occur due to mechanical errors when drivers know about a mechanical fault but underestimate the problem. Again, you have a small percentage of extremely reckless drivers who might hit the road even though their vehicles are not road worthy. This includes both drivers of automobiles and motorcycle riders.

Driving Under the Influence

One thing you should not do if you are riding a motorcycle or any other vehicle for that matter is to drink and drive. Driving car is quite challenging and riding a motorcycle is even more challenging than driving. You need all your wits about you when you operate any motor vehicle. Drinking and driving increases the risk of accidents because it interferes with your concentration and leads to errors in judgement. Avoid all forms of alcoholic drinks when you drive or ride. This way, you will avoid accidents and continue to enjoy your life.

Final Word

Motorcycle accidents can be avoided if you take sensible precautions. However, in case you have a motorcycle accident, you should consult an experienced accident lawyer.

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