Common damages in car wash


Washing car is one of the risky jobs. This is because while washing the car, the workers are supposed to deal with the most sensitive parts of the car. They are supposed to clean the car without causing any kind of damage to the car at any extent. Hence the people who are working on car wash should be more attentive in their work. Unfortunately in many cases, the workers may get into trouble without their knowledge. Some of the most common problems experienced by them while washing the car are revealed in this article.

Antenna damage

It is to be noted that antenna is one of the most sensitive part of the car. The antenna should be properly handled before cleaning the car. To reveal the fact, the antenna should be removed and they must be stored in the proper place before cleaning the car. In case if they are not removed while washing the car, it may get broken easily during the car wash. And obviously the company is answerable and they must also pay for their clients.

Crack in the glass

As we all know, the car glass is one of the most expensive part of the car. Even a small crack in the glass will lead to the complete change of the glass. Hence the glass part of the car should be handled properly while cleaning. The most important thing is the clean and smooth cloth should be used for the cleaning process. In case if the customer tend to find any kind of scratches in the car at the time of car delivery, they have the right to claim for the compensation and they also have the right to file case against the company. And obviously the company should bear the expenses.

Breaking down

At times because of carelessness of the employee or because of unexpected natural disaster, the customer car may get damaged. The car may also be the most expensive car. In such case, the company is supposed to take the sole responsibility and must pay for the loss.

Obviously all these things may be expected expenses for a company. But this kind of expenses may push them into great financial trouble than they sound to be. In order to face these expenses in the wisest way and to avoid the financial risks to a greater extent, the car wash company must have best car wash insurance. Through this insurance they can cover the expenses easily.