Why LED Technology is perfect for car parks


Lighting is so important for car parks, this is because they need to remain a safe and secure place, and lighting is, of course, such an important part of that. Lighting contributes towards building a more safe and welcoming environment for any users of the car park. The only issue here is that lighting requires maintenance and energy. Thankfully, LED strip lighting can efficiently light a large space with very little of this.

Safer Carparks – A New Era

In the year 2004, the British Parking Association launched the ‘safer parking scheme’. This meant that ‘park marks’ were awarded to facilities that met criteria in order to reduce the amount of criminal activity and auto theft. One of these categories of criteria is ‘appropriate lighting’. As such, in the year 2016, 1 in 4 car parks was awarded the park mark. Needless to say, the general public would prefer to park in a safe car park rather than one without this award.

This shows us that many car parks are maintained to a safe standard, it also suggested that, by and large, car parks lack a lot of safety precautions that they would benefit from.

How can LED technology update older car parks?

There is a great deal of industrial level lighting products that make use of LED technology that can replace the older and more dated fluorescent and metal halide lights that exist in many car parks around the world.

Carparks require bright and visible lighting that doesn’t just provide immunity space for all to enjoy, but also for it to be shared safely by both drivers and pedestrians. It should also allow security cameras to spot illegal and anti-social behaviour. The beauty of LED lighting is that it can offer an even spread of light without shadowing or glare, while still delivering the level of brightness that is required.

How can LED Lighting save on costs?

Not only does LED lighting mean lower costs and better coverage, but also has much lower associated maintenance costs. Automated LED lighting control systems reduce the requirement of surveys as well as site visits,.This is especially true with self-test features, this alerts managers to faults when they occur. Additionally, LED lightings themselves have a staggeringly impressive life span. LED manufacturers largely offer a 5-year-guaranteed on their products.

The bottom line is that LED lighting systems can offer the versatility that car park managers can absolutely make use of when working to effectively operate their sites in a cost-efficient manner.

While the benefits of LED lights are abundantly clear, it is also clear that stretched city budgets mean that many car park operators are hesitant or unable to upgrade to the latest technology, especially in industrial sectors. The installation of LED technology can be found through the savings that are made each year on energy bills each and every month via a tax-efficient lease purchase.