How long do windshield wipers last?


Windshield wipers are the most underappreciated parts of a vehicle whose services often go neglected. They wipe away rainwater, dirt, and debris thanklessly, taking plenty of abuse in every season. Fighting with extreme cold, abrasive ice, salt, and sand, wiper blades lose their functionality after a while.

Windscreen wipers are a security component, so,  their effectiveness and functionality must be a priority. Some people use the same wiper blades for years, should they? How long do windshield wipers last? When is the right time to replace wiper blades?

We bet your mind is flooded with all these questions, worry not, you will get all the answers here.

How long do Windshield Wipers last?

It is not advised to use the same set of blades for years, wiper blades lose their effectiveness in a matter of months. The average useful life span of a wiper blade is 3 to 6 months, however, it varies depending on the use, quality of blades, and the material. Following factors affect the lifespan of wiper blades

  • Climate – If you live in a sunny, warm climate, windshield wipers would no be used much. There is no need to frequently replace them. In this case, the average lifespan may stand at 8-12 months.
  • Parking Under the Direct Sunlight – do you park your car in the hot sun? The heat will affect the functionality of the windshield wiper, making them less effective over time. Heat will cause the blades to crack and split by breaking down the plastic.
  • Quality – Quality matters, if the blades are not built to stand up to the abuse, they might give up after a month or so. Purchase a set of blades that are designed, tested, and engineered to the quality standards.
  • Material – There are three types of windshield wiper blades, ordinary rubber blades, hardened rubber blades, and silicon blades. Silicone blades last longer whereas ordinary rubber blades have the shortest lifespan.

When is the Right Time to Replace Wiper Blades?

Worn-out wipers can be a safety hazard by reducing visibility in poor weather. Multiple indicators raise red flags about wiper blades going bad.

  • Streaking & Chattering – Change them when the wiper blades leave trails and streaks as they wipe moisture and rainwater off the window glass. Another indicator is when blades start to make squeaking or chattering sounds.
  • Uneven Edges – As the weather deteriorate wiper blades, they began to lose sections and look jagged.
  • Cracks and Blades Pull Away – Replace windshield wipers when cracks start to appear or when the blades do not rest firmly against the windshield.

Wiper Blades Replacement

When all the signs indicate replacement, it is time to let go of old blades and get new ones instead. Purchase performance-grade wiper blades from a reliable source, if you want a longer service life.

Summing Up, when wiper blades began to age, the aging signs start to appear. Often, the rubber refills do, instead of replacing the whole blade assembly. Replace blades when they begin to lose effective contact, leave streaks, or miss portions of rubber.