Different Repair Methodologies Used at the Auto Body Shops


A car body can get damaged or simply dented because of several reasons. It could be a severe collision, a lighterone, or just an ugly scratch on the body for someone’s carelessness. Be it what may be, you have to find out a reliable auto body shop and make sure that they return your vehicle making it look as good as new.

But according to the Coeur d’Alene auto body shop, there can be a bit of confusion regarding the type of repair your vehicle actually needs. This is so because there are various kinds repair methodologies that are followed ad executed by the auto body shops that we are listing down here.

Frame Testing and Straightening

If a vehicle ends up getting trapped in an accident, an especially a severe one, the most serious damage that can happen to the car is on the structure or frame. The only way in which your vehicle can be brought back to its original shape is with frame straightening. When you take your car for a frame straightening, the auto body shops will start the procedure with frame testing and only after that they can tell you if it needs to be straightened.

After this detection, they will use a frame alignment machine which runs with hydraulic force to bring back the structure back to its original unbent condition.

Repairs of Windows

Many times the glasses of your vehicle windows or the locks can get damaged due to various reasons. And without a fully functional car window, your car will be of no use, as you can’t leave it open other than your own parking lot.

A reliable auto body shop will have all the necessary infrastructure to repair the windows back to their normal functionalities, by doing the needful. If your vehicle has power windows, that too is taken care of by the technicians at an auto body shop.

Paintless Dent Repair Job

These days paint less dent job is getting more and more popular than ever. The reasons are many. In this kind of a dent job, as there won’t be any painting involved, it will take lesser time to end the procedure. It will also cost less, as there is no such purchase of paints in the entire scenario. You pay only for the labor charge. People save both time and money in this, and as dents are the most common damages that can happen to any vehicle, this auto body job is flourishing beyond proportion.

Conventional Paint Job

As rightly said by the CDA auto body shop labors, you don’t always need a fateful reason like an accident to get your car newly painted. It could be just that it has started looking old, and you want the original glamor back, that you take your car for a new paint job. In most cases, it is the peeling off of the existing paint, or a scratch that bound the owner to get a paint job done for the car. No doubt that every auto body shop offers Paint jobs both as a routine part of other repair services as well as an independent one.