Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions Before Shipping Your Car


Have you already discussed with an auto transport management company to ship your car? If not then you should consider giving some thought to few important questions before getting on board. First make sure what type of company you are dealing with – a broker, carrier or an auto transport company. Only an auto transport management company will give you a door to door service.

  • Is the Company You Are Looking at Registered and Licensed?

You can easily find out about registration and license of an auto transport company. Interstate car shipping company would require a USDOT number allotted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. International shipment will need an additional license issued by the Federal Maritime Commission. Directly, ask the representative for the license number.

  • Do You Know the Types Services They Provide?

Here you need to understand that every company may not provide the same type of services. For instance, some companies may or may not transport a non-running car. They may have restriction on the type of vehicle you can transport.

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Ask the company to show its valid insurance certificate. Further ask them about their standard vehicle coverage option and whether you have to buy an additional insurance. So that in case of any damage, you can claim compensation and can also ensure that there is no damage to the vehicle in the first place.

  • How to Estimate the Service Cost Accurately?

You may know that most of the auto transport management company provides an instant cost calculator on their website. However, it is best to call their representatives and ask for the estimate. Since the cost depends on the type of the vehicle, its condition or you may have a special request regarding the service, which might incur extra charges.

Moreover, you may have multiple vehicles to transport. Ask them if there are any discounts. Read the contract carefully for all services that are included in the quote and look out for any hidden cost that may trouble you later during the shipping process.

  • What Are the Documents Required for A Smooth Shipment?

From your side, you may have to provide the registration document, insurance papers, your license or photo ID. For international shipment, you may require other additional documents. Ask the representative of the auto transportation company for details.

  • What Is the Mode of Payment?

To avoid any inconvenience, ask for the payment arrangement the company prefers.

  • What Are the Options for Pickup and Delivery?

Look out for flexible pickup and delivery location option. Also ask whether your presence is a must both at the time of pickup and delivery or your representative can do the work. 

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