Ensure ultimate convenience on road with reliable driving aids 


The introduction of wheelchair vehicles such as full-size van, minivan, pick-up truck, SUV, converted car, etc. has made it possible for people with limited mobility to drive on their own without any assistance. Most of the reliable wheelchair vehicle manufacturers strive to offer the best driving experience to the disabled drivers with advanced safety and comfort features. Even when designing driving aids such as such as hand controls, pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, steering knobs, and high-tech electronic controls, etc. the reputable manufactures such as MPD, MPS, Sure-Grip, DriveMaster, Menox, etc. focus on the ease of use, effectiveness and safety.

Extreme convenience

 Adaptive driving hand controls can significantly enhance the convenience of driving on road for physically challenged person as after installing this device driver can control steering wheel, the accelerator and brake with hand control device without the use of legs. The widespread demand for hand control device has encouraged manufacturer to options such as push pull, push rock and right-angle methods. Hand control comes can be handled manually and electrical option. Hence read the specification, how to use, maintenance, price, benefits, etc. of each model and then choose the best one as per your or your love one’s mobility needs.

Trust best dealer

Most of the reliable wheelchair vehicles dealers offer one stop solution such as selling, service, rent and installation so that the local disabled people can get effective and affordable services. Apparently with the hand control people with disabilities can feel confident on road and can keep the road safe for everyone. Hence choose the best dealer who has years of experience, professional and trained technicians and cutting-edge technology and install the driving aids with perfection.  

Read the reviews

Evaluate the reputation, credibility and performance of the dealer. Reading the reviews in reliable forum and taking recommendation from the well-wishers could be immensely beneficial.