Excellent Reasons to Have your Car Suspension Checked


If you commute a lot and cover many miles every day, your car may need to be returned. You can check the change over time by driving slowly, such as approaching a stop sign and slightly loosening your grip on the steering wheel. If the car seems to pull instinctively in one direction, it may need to be adjusted. You may also notice this tendency when cornering when the car moves sharply in a specific direction when you pull on the steering wheel.

Alignment work will include checking items related to the issue.

It may include checking the strut and ball bearings, bushings, and anti-roll bar links. Simple issues such as daily traffic in road construction areas can cause suspension problems. These bad, stripped roads can put excessive stress on shock absorbers and struts. Over time, even the bolts next to the tires can loosen.

Excessive vehicle bouncing can affect overall vehicle control, driving comfort, and even the ability to brake on time. The mechanic may look for leaking or cracked shock absorbers, unnecessary vehicle movement such as bouncing or rocking, and uneven tire wear. A tire problem, in particular, could mean that the shock absorbers and struts need to be replaced.

A quick way to check shock absorbers from time to time is to park the car, walk around it and lean on it. Step back, and if the car bounces more than once, the dampers or struts may need to be checked. Bouncing that starts quietly can get worse over time, so it’s best to get the car checked out so it can be fixed quickly at Pedders.

Another time you may want to check the undercarriage and alignment is after an accident. When a car is damaged, you can focus on fixing the physical damage. Remember that when a car hits, the car’s alignment also absorbs the impact. The momentum of the impact can bend the metal on the underside, which you may not be able to see, which can cause suspension and alignment issues.

You can also choose to inspect a used car if you think about buying one. A complete vehicle check can be helpful to see if there is any damage or problems, or even if the vehicle has been in an accident. An inspection can alert you to any damage or previous repairs that have been made. It is the kind of knowledge you would like to have before buying a car, and it could be turned into information to negotiate the purchase price.


Most vehicles are designed to withstand the rigors of the road and serve you for years to come. However, as miles accumulate on a car’s odometer, it may soon be time to check your car’s suspension. Don’t neglect this important part of car care.